Birthday Cat: Hosting Your Cat’s Birthday in Style

It’s no secret that you love your cat. If you are someone who entertains the idea of reading about ways to make the life of your cat even better, then you’ve obviously come to the right place. Hosting your cat’s birthday is an activity to show your love for your cat, and get together with friends and family members. A birthday cat would certainly love that.

The best thing you can do is to make sure you invite all your cat-loving friends and it’s probably a good idea if stick to a human-only guest list. The cats we’ve come to know and love aren’t always inclined to interact… or to play nice with other cats. So, to keep things peaceful, keep your cat happy and half-asleep on the couch… unless they wish to investigate the curious new creatures in the house or perhaps even pick a new lap to lie on.

Some people might ask: “Why would you want to host a party for a cat? They’re so… aloof.” Well, that’s exactly why. We would do this so that hopefully, our cats would love us more. Plus, it’s a good excuse to have like-minded people over.

How Will You Get This Show On the Road?

Determine a Theme

Your cat might not be able to verbalize what they want or like, so you’ll just have to take the lead on this one. Chances are good that your cat will approve of your initiative in their own special way.

Themes have to be age-appropriate. That is the rule that applies not only to people, but also to our feline friends.  There is no better time to host a Japanese-themed sushi party.  Not only will the enticing aroma of salmon serve as one way to get your cat involved, but we’re also banking on the possibility that your pet will be as affectionate to the point where you’re wondering: “Who’s cat is this?”


You’re not cutting corners here. You wouldn’t want that for your own party, so feel free to plan this soiree like Kim Kardashian is invited. Naturally, this all depends on your budget, so get into the details.  You can choose to either make use of e-vites or hand-created ones to set a really quirky tone for the party. Remember, the devil is in the details…

Begin with your guest list and work from there.  Once you’ve determined your budget, theme and guest list, you can get to work. 

Since you are inviting human guests, you’ll have to cater to their specific palates (a little bit more on birthday cakes for cats later).  When in doubt, opt for tapas. It’s easy to serve and can blend in seamlessly with any theme you select for your kitty’s birthday bash.

Tuna Tunes

Every party needs a playlist. No matter how ridiculous the thought might be to sing the happy birthday song to your cat. You’ll want to sneak in a few tracks to ensure that you can solidify your status as a kitty caterer of sorts. There are songs produced specifically for cats and yes, you need to go big, or go home.

If your party is very niched in its theme, then it should be easy to create a playlist that gets the party started. A party isn’t a party without a few tracks to loosen the vibe.

While not all of your guests might be fine-tuned (so to speak) into the subtle nuances and feline references on your playlist, you’ll do well by creating a drinking game where guests can ask the host whether or not the current song that’s playing is cat-related. It’s up to you to determine their fate in the game… Line those shots up and test your musical knowledge.

Getting The Purr-ty Started

Even if this were “just” a fete for your cat, you would still have to bend over backwards to make sure that your guests are happy.  You will have to prepare well in advance like you would with any other get-together.

Only this time around, the birthday cake would have to adopt a cat-friendly approach.  We’re thinking tuna, shrimp and maybe even some cheese. Don’t roll your eyes… its quite easy to make and you are already invested, so make this happen.

A cake for your cat! Who would’ve thought?

Now that you know who’s coming, what the theme is and how to maximize its authenticity with delectable snacks and drinks, you can draw up your planning sheet and start downloading those tunes.

Here are 5 simple ways to celebrate a birthday cat:

What’s the one thing that you can tick off from your list without even lifting a finger? Grooming. Your cat’s got that one covered…