Cats that Don’t Shed

If you are a cat lover, but you don’t have one in your life because you are allergic to cats, rejoice! There are actually many different cat breeds that do not shed much or even at all in some cases, and it is the cat hair and dander that are the main causes of allergic reactions to cats in the first place. You may be surprised to find that there are even some long haired cats that are recommended for cat lovers who are allergic to cat hair. Today we are going to take a look at some of the most popular cats that don’t shed.

1. Sphynx

Also referred to as a “hairless cat,” the Sphynx is a beautiful beast that loves to give and receive attention from their people. This cat isn’t actually hairless, but it may as well be. The hair it does have is nothing more than a very short (less than ¼ inch) downy coat. This cat breed is available in many different colors, and they are very lovable.

They do require a lot of warmth though, since they do not have fur to keep them warm. They also do not have hair to absorb body oils, so frequent bathing is necessary. They must be dried thoroughly after a bath to ensure that they are warm.

2. Cornish Rex

This cat breed does have a coat, but it is much shorter than that of an average cat, and much sparser. This cat has wavy hairs, and doesn’t have guard and awn hair layers. There is only the soft, downy layer, which isn’t going to shed much.

The Cornish Rex is a very playful cat, and it is highly intelligent. These cats really love their owners, and they are extremely friendly. Like the Sphynx, this cat requires a lot of heat, because there isn’t much fur to protect it from the cold. They also need lots of attention and affection, and require owners that are able to interact with them regularly.

3. Devon Rex

Another popular breed that doesn’t shed much is the Devon Rex. In fact, it has even less hair than the Cornish Rex. Their fur is down hairs only, so they have a soft, velvety feel and appearance. These are small cats that are highly energetic and intelligent.

They have a good sense of humor, and they are loads of fun to have around. This is a cat that loves to be with its people, and you will probably find yours in bed with you at night. This is also a breed that has a tendency to be overweight, because they really love to eat, and there is very little that they won’t eat.

4. Javanese

Here is a cat breed that has loads of fur, but isn’t going to be hard on allergy sufferers. This is because the coat, which is semi-long, is only made up of long, guard hairs, and there are no down or awn hairs. This means that a Javanese cat will shed about two-thirds less than other cat breeds.

These are attractive cats that are loaded with personality, and they are almost as chatty as Siamese cats. Javanese cats love interacting with their human family members, and they can even be trained to do a few simple tricks. You do have to watch this breed’s diet, because they will tend to overeat whenever they can.

5. Bengal Cats

If you would love to own an exotic looking pet, the Bengal is a great choice, and it doesn’t shed very much. This is a great cat for people who have allergies, or who simply don’t want to have to clean cat hair all the time. This is a small cat that was developed by cross-breeding domestic shorthair cats with Asian leopard cats. This is a friendly cat with a gorgeous, spotted coat that also has a bit of striping. Bengals are very vocal cats, and they are easy to train.

Below is a short video about the top 10 cats that don’t shed:

You can even take them out on a leash for a walk. Their coats are not thick, so there isn’t much fur for them to shed. They also do not groom too much, so you won’t be exposed to the protein allergen that is found in cat saliva.


These are just a few of the breeds that don’t shed a lot or have a lot of dander. They are great cats for people with allergies, and they are easy to clean up after. They are all affectionate and intelligent breeds that love to get and give attention, and that would make the perfect addition to any home that loves cats.