Top 10 Long Hair Cat Breeds

There are so many different cat breeds out there.  You may think that a cat is just a cat, but that isn’t the case at all.  Some cats are known for having short hair, while others may have long hair. Long hair cat breeds are really popular because they get to be so fluffy, and they are just so cuddly and cute. They do, however, sometimes have some drawbacks – such as shedding. Even short haired cats shed though, so don’t let that be a deterrent. 

Here are some of the top long hair cat breeds across the world. 

Long Hair Cat Breeds

1. Maine Coon

The Maine Coon breed is one of the largest cat breeds out there. They also tend to have extremely long hair. They originate from the New England area of the United States of America. They are known for having snow boots and a thick winter coat. They are also notorious for having an M shaped marking on their forehead. They are actually one of the more popular cat breeds out there, and they grow to be extremely beautiful cats when they reach maturity.

2. Cymric

Another really beautiful long hair cat breed is the Cymric. They are another type of the Manx breed, which has no tail. They usually have a pretty rounded appearance to their face, and they grow to be about medium sized. They come in a variety of different markings and colors. They are also really playful, and sometimes act more like a dog than a cat. You may even get your Cymric kitty to play fetch with you!

3. Somali

Next, we have the Somali breed. The Somali is really a lot like the Abyssinian breed, but they just have long hair. They have some of the largest, brightest eyes. They also have very bushy long tails, and their fur is very fine and feels super soft. They are also usually darker in color, but they can come in lighter colors as well. They also have very good personalities and get along with other animals pretty well too. You are sure to find this breed a great choice for a long hair cat.

4. Himalayan

Another super cute long hair breed is the Himalayan. They are a really popular breed because they are just so adorable, and their coat is really thick and lush. They typically have colorings that are similar to a Persian. This is because they are really just a sub breed of the Persian. They are also well known for having a great personality and make great indoor cats. They love companionship, and they will also be pretty playful. They love for you to show them affection, and they show it in return!

5. Persian

Much like the Himalayan, the Persian breed is another extremely cute long hair breed. They have a squished face, which sometimes leads to them having some health problems. They are just beautiful, with a solid build. Persians are really only meant to be indoor cats, as they tend to get dirty and mangy if they stay outside. Just know that a Persian cat, along with most long hair breeds, require a good amount of brushing and grooming in order to maintain a healthy, vibrant coat.

6. Norwegian Forest

The Norwegian Forest Cat is another cat that is notorious for having long hair. They are made for cold weather, which is why their fur is so long and thick. Their coat is also designed to repel water, just as an added way to keep them from getting too cold in the winter months. They originated in Northern Europe and were taken to Norway by settlers long ago. This is where they get their name. They are one of the most beautiful cat breeds you will ever lay eyes on.

7. Ragamuffin

Another precious breed is the Ragamuffin. The Ragamuffin breed is really a large breed, with really long hair and large eyes. They look at you with such adoration with those eyes. They love attention, and they are also really friendly around dogs. They tend to be pretty calm, especially after they get out of the kitten stage.

They have also been known for enjoying walking on a leash, much like a dog. Just know that this breed, although they are cute, they do get pretty big. They don’t mature to their full size until they are about four years old though.

8. Birman

Another domestic long hair breed is the Birman. This breed typically has a lush, silky coat. They also have white tips on their paws in most cases, which sometimes look like gloves. They usually have distinctive markings as well, such as dark coloring on their face, ears, and tail. They first originated in Burma and have since made their way all over the world. They are not as common of a breed as some of the others, but they are nothing short of stunning with their bright blue eyes.

9. Siberian

The Siberian breed is another really pretty long hair cat. They are actually known to be the oldest ancestor of most all long-haired breeds. They are really a lot like the Norwegian Forest Cat, but they do have some differences as well. They are native to Siberia, but they can be found on just about every country in the world nowadays. They are very much sought after, and because of that tend to be pretty expensive.

10. Chantilly-Tiffany

Finally, we have the Chantilly-Tiffany. This breed is usually long haired, but there are some that can have only semi-long hair. They started out by a cross between Asian breeds and Burmese breeds and are native to North America. Their coat is long, silky and smooth. They also have an extremely good temperament.

These are just a few of our favorite long hair cat breeds. Do you have a long hair breed that you would like to share with us? If so, drop a comment below! We would love to hear from you.