What Is the Largest Domestic Cat Breed in The World?

With so many domestic cat breeds out there in the world today, which one is the largest? We’re going to take a look into some important information about the largest domestic cat breed in the world, including temperament, size, care and more! Read on to find out which breed is the largest of them all!

What Is The World’s Largest Domestic Cat?

The largest domestic cat in the world is the Maine Coon, which was thought to have originated in the 19th century in Maine. Over time, this popular cat breed has spread all over the country and is adored for its size, temperament and gorgeous coat.

There isn’t a lot known about the exact beginning-point of this breed, and it’s thought to have developed naturally over a long period of time. They were also thought to be incredible mousers, and thus made themselves useful on ships, farms and the like. They are also the official cat for the state of Maine!

How Big Do They Get?

Maine Coons are known to be quite immense. A quick internet search can display some of the largest examples known in the U.S. Some members of this breed can wind up at over 20lbs and are rather long and thickly built. They are also known to have long hair more often than shorter hair.

Below are some the world’s cat breed you’d largely see:

In some cases, the largest Maine Coons can rival the size of the Canadian Lynx or Ocelot, which is quite impressive! That said, most members of this breed can range anywhere from 9 to 18lbs. It’s also interesting to note that the males often tend to be larger.

Are They Friendly?

Generally speaking, Maine Coons are quite friendly. In many cases, they can be quite cuddly and welcoming for affection. In many cases, they also love playing and particularly enjoy toys and games that will keep their minds working, as this breed tends to be a smart one!

For the most part, Maine Coons are quite mellow, loving and patient. That is, unless you’re a mouse! These cats are keen hunters and are often thrilled to have the chance to hunt rodents and other small creatures. They also don’t tend to be extremely vocal, but may chirp or make small vocalizations to get your attention.

Cats may be cute, cuddly and friendly but it is greatly advised that these large cats don’t get paired with smaller pets at home such as birds, mice, small lizards, squirrels, etc. They might trigger the cat’s animal instinct and playfulness, considering them as their prey and could harm or injure in the process. However, cats could live in harmony with dogs. It just requires few of the basic steps of introducing a dog or a cat to each other along with some of your time and effort.

If you enjoy cats that are more vocal, you can of course praise this behavior and give them attention for it. This teaches them that making sounds is a good way to get your attention. You’ll want to be careful with doing this though, or you may end up with one whiny kitty!

Are They Easy To Care For?

Each breed and mixed breed of cat is going to have different chances for certain kinds of problems and illnesses, and the Maine Coon is no different. Because of that, there are some things to look out for if you opt to bring a Maine Coon into your home.

Some of the potential issues for this breed are Polycystic Kidney disease, hip dysplasia, spinal muscular dystrophy and heart disease. While having a Maine Coon doesn’t guarantee that your pet will end up suffering from one of these problems, it’s worth keeping an eye out!

How Much Grooming Do They Need?

Maine Coons are rugged felines, typically known for being able to hunt down mice in even the coldest conditions. Because of that, they tend to have long, rugged fur that helps to create their majestic look. Consequently, Maine Coons often do just fine with minimal grooming.

That said, the more you keep them well-brushed, the less likely they’ll be to deal with hairballs or develop mats. Having thick, long hair means they’ll be likely to ingest more hair when they groom themselves, so you may need to help them handle that. Brushing your Maine Coon about twice a week should work well, as they aren’t highly prone to matting.

Are Maine Coons Good with Kids?

The laid-back temperament of the Maine Coon makes them well suited to homes with children. They tend to be more mellow, and less fragile due to their size. Many are happy to snuggle up or enjoy being pushed around in a toy cart.

That said, just like any other pet it’s important to make sure the animal is socialized with children well. Likewise, make sure to teach children to treat your pet gently to create a harmonious relationship. If you’re highly concerned, keeping your cat’s claws well-trimmed can also avoid problems.

If you decide to take that route, trimming the claws every couple of weeks should be plenty to keep them from doing any real damage. However, it is not recommended that you have your cat de-clawed as it can negatively impact the cat’s health and well-being in a lot of ways.

What Colors Do They Come In?

Maine Coons come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. You can really find them in just about any color, from the solids to tabby, tortoiseshell and even calico. They can also come in dual colors like orange and white, or gray and white.

Depending on the cat’s specific history, you may also notice the telltale “M” marking on their forehead. This is going to be more likely with tabby colorings. In some cases, you may even be able to find Maine Coons that have Siamese coloring. There are really a wide variety of options with these fantastic cats.


Overall, Maine Coons are the largest domestic cat in the world. They are hefty, very fluffy critters that tend to be mellow and rugged. They are known to be friendly and highly effective at mousing or hunting down other small critters.

If you’re interested in getting a Maine Coon, consider adopting! There are plenty of these lovable felines in search of good homes in shelters all over. Also make sure to get them a vet checkup as soon as possible to ensure they are healthy, happy and ready to warm up your home.

Regardless of the size, there are lots of types you can actually love and like being one of the smallest cat breeds in the world.