Asian Semi-longhair: The Ultimate Guide to Their History, Types, Characteristics, Temperament, and Care

The Asian Semi-longhair is also referred to as Tiffanie or Tiffany, although for today we will stick with the official designation. If you are looking for a really beautiful, inquisitive, and sociable family cat, the Asian Semi-longhair might be worthy of your consideration.

Let’s find out everything there is to know about this unique cat breed.

What’s the nature of the breed?

The Asian Semi-longhair is a very sociable and people friendly cat. It is often referred to as being a dependent cat, as it absolutely hates being alone and does not want to be left on its own.

It’s not a type of cat to get if you do not have ample time to play and socialize with it. The Asian Semi-longhair loves to meet new people and old friends alike, plus it does fine with kids and dogs.

In fact, it is a type of cat that really enjoys playing with children.

It is a very playful cat that has a lot of fun with yarn, string, and all toys alike. This is also a very curious and adventurous cat that loves exploring new places.

Below is a short video to learn more about Asian Semi Longhair Cats: 

It has a tendency to get into drawers and cupboards, and it always wants to find out what is behind closed doors. The Asian Semi-longhair is a fairly vocal cat, and they will definitely tell you when they are unhappy with their fairly loud voices.

Origin and history of the breed

The Asian Semi-longhair was developed in the United Kingdom in the early 1980s. It is a mix between Chinchilla and Burmilla cats. Interestingly enough, Burmilla cats are a mix of Burmese cats and Chinchilla cats.

The result of breeding the Burmilla and the Chinchilla resulted in this Asian Semi-longhair. This breed was then selectively developed and was quickly recognized as an official breed in the UK, but interestingly enough, the US still does not recognize the Asian Semi-longhair as an official cat breed.

Physical standards of the breed

Asian Semi-longhair cat

Health and possible diseases

The Asian Semi-longhair tends to be a fairly healthy cat, although they have been known to develop some issues with age. Some common problems include heart, renal, and periodontal diseases, although these are not really breed specific.

They do require regular deworming, and they need to have their vaccinations. That said, they are not overly prone to serious health conditions.


The Asian Semi-longhair, as you probably can tell, has moderate to long hair, and they do shed a fair amount. You want to use a soft or semi-stiff brush to brush their coats twice per week.

This is to prevent matting, as well as to remove dead hair and skin. You do not want to neglect a regular grooming schedule, as their hair can get dirty and matted fairly fast.

When it comes to bathing, unless your Asian Semi-longhair gets super dirty, it is not recommended, as it is not good for their skin. You will also want to take good care of their claws to keep them in prime health.

Moreover, using a wet cloth to wipe their eyes once a week is recommended. You will also want to use cotton balls soaked in warm water and cider vinegar to wipe out their ears about once per week.

Height and size

The Asian Semi-longhair is a medium-large size cat. They have really silky, smooth, and luxurious fur. They tend to have a fairly compact body, with slender and muscular legs, a broad chest, with a somewhat small and rounded face, round eyes, a short snout, and upright triangular ears.

Your average male Asian Semi-longhair will grow to a maximum of 12 inches in height at the shoulders, with females usually being a couple of inches shorter.


The male Asian Semi-longhair will usually grow to between 13 and 15 pounds in weight, with females being a bit smaller and usually topping out between 11 and 13 pounds in weight.


The Asian Semi-longhair is a fairly active cat. They love playing with toys and messing about with their owners. They also enjoy meeting new people, especially children, and playing with them.

It’s not much of a lap cat, as it does not like to sit still. Exploring the home, getting into trouble, and playing with toys is what it does best.


No cat is technically hypoallergenic. However, the Asian Semi-longhair is probably not the number one choice for allergy sufferers. They shed quite a bit, have long hair, and tend to produce quite a bit of dander.


Health issues aside, the Asian Semi-longhair tends to be a fairly long-lived cat. Its average lifespan is about 15 years of age.

Caring Difficulty

Caring for an Asian Semi-longhair is not overly difficult, but it does require some regular grooming, more than regular, as well as regular feeding, lots of play, and a good deal of attention.

We would say they are moderately difficult to care for, not the easiest, but also not the hardest.

Where to get a Asian Semi-longhair

The Asian Semi-longhair is not the rarest of domestic cat breeds. The majority of breeders are in Europe, specifically the UK, but there are some in North America.

It is definitely recommended that you go to a reputable breeder that can confirm good family health and provide you with the proper documentation.

How much does a Asian Semi-longhair cost?

Because the Asian Semi-longhair is not overly rare, you can buy a kitten for around $300, which really is not very much for a purebred cat. If you get one from a distinguished line, you are looking at upwards of $500, which still is not that much.

Choosing the right type of Asian Semi Longhair

cute Asian Semi-longhair

When choosing a Asian Semi-longhair, make sure to inquire about family genetics and health issues, as well as about the temperament of the parent cats.

Also, you will be able to choose from various patterns and colors. As long as you go to a reputable breeder, you should be fine.

Responsibilities to consider in the care of a Asian Semi Longhair

What do they require?

The Asian Semi-longhair requires grooming more than once per week, and you do need to feed it high-quality food.

Don’t leave it alone for long, keep its litter box clean, and if you don’t want it messing about in your house, be sure to get it some good toys too.

Do they need a certain level of care and attention?

Yes, the Asian Semi-longhair is a very sociable, inquisitive, and playful cat that does not want to be alone. They do need a lot of attention and they don’t really care whether they get it from the owners, strangers, kids, or dogs, as long as they get it in some way.

Characteristics of Asian Semi Longhairs


The Asian Semi-longhair is a very vocal cat; if they are alone or unhappy, be prepared to hear about it. However, they are usually happy as long as they get lots of attention and play. They want to play and explore; it is what the Asian Semi-longhair lives for.


The Asian Semi-longhair can come in various patterns and colors including solid, bicolor, striped, tabby, and sometimes calico. They are usually black, brown, chocolate, blue, or lilac, or a combination of the above.


The Asian Semi-longhair is a highly affectionate cat. They always want to be with people, whether this means being with owners, strangers, or kids.

Now, they are not too big on being picked up and sitting in laps, but this does not mean that they are not social or affectionate. They just don’t particularly enjoy being picked up, but they do absolutely love people.


The Asian Semi-longhair is one of those cat breeds that actually really likes being with kids. We suppose it is because kids love to play just as much as this cat breed does.

The Asian Semi-longhair does alright with dogs, although they are not each other’s biggest fans, at least not very large dogs.


The Asian Semi-longhair is known for being quite intelligent. They may learn some tricks, play with puzzle toys, and on rare occasions have even been known to walk on a leash. They enjoy figuring out how to get into kitchen cupboards.


The Asian Semi-longhair is a fairly high-energy cat. It is not too often that you will find this cat sitting around and doing nothing.


The Asian Semi-longhair requires moderate maintenance. It will need a good deal of grooming due to its fairly long hair. Other than that, and a good deal of attention, there is not too much to worry about here.

Types of Asian Semi-longhairs

The Asian Semi-longhair can come in various patterns and colors including solid, bicolor, striped, tabby, and sometimes calico. They are usually black, brown, chocolate, blue, or lilac, or a combination of the above.


If you want a type of family cat that loves attention, likes to play, and does fine with kids, the Asian Semi-longhair is a good choice to keep in mind.