Arabian Mau: The Ultimate Guide to Their History, Types, Characteristics, Temperament, and Care

Arabian Mau

If you are on the hunt for a new cat, you might want to consider the Arabian Mau as a good choice. It’s a friendly, energetic, and sociable cat that absolutely loves being with its owners and playing. Let’s find out everything there is to know about the Arabian Mau.

What’s the nature of the breed?

The Arabian Mau cat is an extremely social and energetic cat that is always on the move. These cats love being around their owners, and indeed, they tend to form really close bonds with them.

However, they have no problems meeting new people and getting along well with children too. The Arabian Mau does not enjoy a home where it will not get a lot of attention. They want attention from their owners all of the time, whether it be feeding, petting, or playing.

Yes, this cat loves to play, they like to hunt for mice on occasion, and they are always getting into trouble. It’s a curious and explorative cat that always wants to know what is behind closed doors. Opening drawers and cupboards is not out of the question, as they are super curious.

Chances are that your Arabian Mau will follow you around. They are not very vocal or aggressive, and they always want something to do, but they are not the best lap cats.

Origin and history of the breed

The Arabian Mau is a natural domestic wildcat breed that originated in the Arabian Peninsula

This cat has been around as is for well over 1,000 years, and has been a popular house cat breed in Arabia and other neighboring parts for countless centuries.

Exactly which other cats comprise the genealogy of the Arabian Mau is not known.

However, what is known, or at least thought, is that the Arabian Mau has its early origins in an African wildcat.

It is thought that as the deserts became drier and food scarcer, the cat moved towards human settlements and was then quickly domesticated, and most likely crossbred with a smaller and already domesticated cat.

What is surprising is that the Arabian Mau was not recognized by most major cat associations until about a decade ago.

Physical standards of the breed

Health and possible diseases

The Arabian Mau is not really known for having any specific diseases, at least none that are breed specific. They may develop some heart, kidney, and oral health conditions, but these generally apply to all cat breeds. 

However, the Arabian Mau tends to be healthier and less prone to serious health issues than other cat breeds.


When it comes to grooming, the Arabian Mau has relatively short and straight hair, plus it barely sheds. So, you only need to use a soft brush to brush it about once per week, just to remove dead hair and skin.

Beyond that, unless your Arabian Mau cat gets filthy, bathing is not usually recommended.

You should use a wet cloth to wipe their eyes about once per week to remove residue. For their ears, a weekly cleaning with a cotton ball soaked in warm water and cider vinegar should do fine.

Don’t forget to brush their teeth at least once every few days, just to avoid periodontal disease. Other than that, there is not much needed in terms of grooming an Arabian Mau.

Height and size

The Arabian Mau is known for being a medium to large cat, one that is fairly lean, slender, and muscular. They have long legs with oval shaped paws, well-developed muscles, and a fairly small head with large pointed ears for heat dissipation.

When it comes to height at the shoulders, the Arabian Mau cat will grow to around 10 or 11 inches at most, with females usually topping out at 8 or 9 inches.


The Arabian Mau cat is not a particularly heavy cat, we would say a medium. The male Arabian Mau cat will usually grow to weigh between 9 and 16 pounds, with 13 being the average, and the females usually grow to weigh between 8 and 14 pounds, with around 10 or 11 pounds being the average.


The Arabian Mau is a very active cat. This is not a cat for people who want a relaxed cat that is going to lounge around a lot.

These cats love to explore the house, follow you around the home, open doors and drawers, play with cat toys, and much more. They get bored if they have nothing to do, and that may result in it getting into trouble.


No cat breed is technically hypoallergenic. The Arabian Mau does have short hair and barely sheds, so it is not the worst choice for anybody with cat allergies, but it is technically not hypoallergenic.


The Arabian Mau is a fairly healthy cat, but not usually the longest-lived. This cat will usually live to around 14 or 15 years of age at the very most.

Caring Difficulty

While the Arabian Mau cat does not require much in terms of grooming, and only requires basic feeding, it does require a lot of socialization, attention, and play with its owner. It’s not a cat that wants to be alone or likes to be bored.

Where to get a Arabian Mau

The Arabian Mau is a fairly rare cat breed, but there are dedicated breeders all around the world. Finding a breeder in North America or Europe might take some time, but they do exist. You want to go to a reputable breeder that can provide you with papers.

How much does a Arabian Mau cost?

An Arabian Mau is going to run you around $600 for a kitten. If the cat comes from a distinguished line, or if there are not many breeders where you are, you could pay upwards of $800 per kitten.

Choosing the right type of Arabian Mau

The Arabian Mau really only comes in 1 pattern and color, so there is not much choice there. As long as you look into the temperament and health of the parents, and everything suits your needs, you should have no problems choosing the right Arabian Mau for you.

Responsibilities to consider in the care of a Arabian Mau

What do they require?

Besides the basic grooming and feeding, you want to ensure that your Arabian Mau has a clean litter box at all times. Other than that, they just need a lot of play and attention.

Do they need a certain level of care and attention?

Yes, the Arabian Mau needs a lot of care and attention in the sense that they just don’t want to be alone; they form close bonds with their owners; they love to explore, play, and get into trouble. It might almost be like looking after a small child.

Characteristics of Arabian Maus


The Arabian Mau is an active, playful, and friendly cat. They are not known to bite or scratch or to be very vocal but at least try to provide them with cat scratching post just in case. 

They don’t really enjoy being picked up and they do not make good lap cats, but they do want to be around their owners and play.


Unless there is some kind of genetic mutation, the Arabian Mau is usually orange with slightly lighter colored stripes.


Yes, the Arabian Mau is a very affectionate cat in the sense that it forms close bonds with its owners. It is very social, does not want to be alone, and it always wants attention. With that said, it probably won’t enjoy sitting on your lap or being picked up.


The Arabian Mau cat gets along just fine with kids. As long as the kids are respectful and have toys on hand, they will be the Arabian Mau’s best friends. They do alright with dogs, as long as the dogs are cat-friendly, but the Arabian Mau will defend itself if it feels threatened by a larger dog.


The Arabian Mau is known for being moderately intelligent. They may be able to learn some basic tricks and commands, and they are known for figuring out how to open up small drawers and cupboards, but other than that, they are not overly intelligent. Teaching them a complex trick might never happen.


The Arabian Mau cat is a very high-energy cat. It’s not too often you will catch these cats lounging around and just enjoying themselves peacefully. They love to play, they are always on the move, and love to be wherever their owners are.


Besides the fact that the Arabian Mau needs a lot of attention, play and socialization, they don’t require too much maintenance. Some grooming, oral care, ear care, regular feeding, and a lot of attention will do just fine.

Types of Arabian Maus

There are other Mau cats out there, but of the Arabian Mau, there is only one. It usually always has an orange coat with lighter colored stripes.


There you have everything you need to know about the Arabian Mau. They are quite friendly and sociable, and they form close bonds with their owners. While they are not really lap cats, they do love play and attention.