Aegean Cat: The Ultimate Guide to their History, Types, Characteristics, Temperament, and Care

A lot of people want a purebred cat, but they also want a cat that hasn’t been tampered with in any way. So, is there an option for these people? Yes! The Aegean Cat is a natural cat.

This means that it is a purebred cat, but it was developed without any human intervention whatsoever. This is a rare cat in most parts of the world, but there are plenty to be found on the islands that they are native to.

If you ever have a chance to visit the Greek islands, chances are you will see Aegean cats on fishing boats, or lounging on a café seat, waiting to be worshipped.

Origin and history of the breed

The Aegean cat is thought to be one of the oldest domesticated cats in the world. In some cases, this cat is feral, but it can often be found as a loving house pet.

At this point, Aegean cats are not recognized by any of the popular cat registries, so finding a breeder in North America may be a bit of a challenge. In most cases, they come to this part of the world when tourists bring them back as pets.

This breed goes back thousands of years, so even though it is not recognized, it is likely one of the oldest breeds on the planet.

Below is a short informative video about Aegean Cats:

Archaeologists have found evidence of cats on the Island of Cyprus, which neighbors Greece, that dates back 10,000 years or more. Obviously, it only makes sense that some of these cats made their way to Greece on various vessels, and they ended up becoming native to the area.

These cats have only recently been recognized as a breed, and they are often considered to be a national treasure in Greece. These cats can come in many different colors, and some even have tabby markings.

Physical standards of the breed

Let’s take a look at everything that makes up the Aegean cat, or in other words, the physical standards of this beauty.

Health and possible diseases

Considering that these cats started as outdoor cats, and many still are, it is not surprising that this is a very hearty breed. It is well known for being healthy, and there are no known genetic health problems.

That being said, they do have a tendency to have problems with their eyes, and with their intestines. But, when properly cared for, an Aegean cat can live for 15 years or even longer.


The semi long-haired coat of the Aegean cat should be brushed at least once weekly, preferably with a wire brush, in order to remove dead hair and stimulate and distribute skin oils.

Other than that, the only grooming required for these cats is regular ear cleaning and trimming of the nails.

Height and size

The Aegean cat is a medium-sized cat that has a strong body and legs that are a medium length. This is not going to be a huge cat, but neither is it going to be tiny.

It is an average size, and usually stand about eight to 10 inches tall at the back. It is muscular, and has a solid body, even though it tends to be a bit on the slim side.


As a medium-sized cat, the Aegean tends to weigh in at around nine to 10 pounds; the males can weigh a bit more than the females.

Because this is a naturally slim cat, it is important not to overfeed it, which can lead to obesity. If you are unsure about a healthy weight for your cat, talk to your vet about proper cat diet, nutrition, and exercise.


The Aegean cat is active and lively, and will provide you with hours of entertainment. Be prepared to have many conversations with your cat, as Aegean cats love to “talk” to their people.

These cats love to play games, but even though they are intelligent, they are not easily trained to do tricks, such as playing fetch.


If you or anyone in your home has allergies, a cat is going to compound the symptoms unless you take steps to keep the home free of cat hair.

There are no cats that are truly hypoallergenic, although the Aegean, with its short coat, is a better choice for those who have allergies than a longer haired cat.


One of the things we don’t like about the Aegean cat is its short lifespan. Most cats tend to have a lifespan of 15 years or longer.

The Aegean cat has a life expectancy of about 10 years. Of course, with proper care and nutrition, your cat could live to be much older.

Caring Difficulty

Caring for an Aegean cat is no more difficult than caring for any other cat. It needs a comfortable place to sleep, lots of attention, regular grooming, and of course, lots of love.

Make sure your Aegean cat has plenty of fish in its diet, as this is one of the main types of food this cat eats in its traditional environment.

Where to get a Aegean Cat

As we mentioned earlier in this article, this really is not a recognized breed, and therefore, there aren’t a lot of breeders of the Aegean cat. In many cases, these cats come to North America with tourists who have picked them up along their travels.

You may find the odd breeder of the Aegean cat, but you will have to do a lot of research and searching to make sure that you are really getting an Aegean cat.

There may be instances where you find an Aegean cat at a shelter. Often, shelters do have purebred cats. Obviously, this is a hit or miss situation, but it never hurts to keep checking local shelters.

You can also comb through classified ads, or even post your own ad to let people know that you are looking for an Aegean cat.

How much does a Aegean Cat cost?

One of the great things about the Aegean cat not being a recognized breed is that it isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg to purchase.

The price for one of these cats starts at around US$250. Of course, the cost will depend on the gender, markings, and pedigree. If you get a kitten that has come directly from the Cyclades Islands, it is going to cost you more.

Choosing the right type of Aegean Cat

An Aegean cat is an Aegean cat, and there are no specific types within the breed. That being said, you will find these cats with a huge variety of colorations and markings.

They tend to be tricolor or bicolor, with coats that are mainly white with cream, red, black, or blue markings. Three are many Aegean cats that have tabby markings.

Responsibilities to consider in the care of a Aegean Cat

As a pet owner, you have some pretty heavy responsibilities. You are responsible for providing a warm, safe place for your pet to live. You are responsible for regular veterinary care.

You are responsible for providing a healthy and well-balanced diet (with plenty of fish for the Aegean cat). You are responsible for grooming your cat, which luckily isn’t a lot of work with the Aegean cat.

Always remember, once you bring a pet into your home, it is your responsibility for the duration of its life.

Characteristics of Aegean Cat

Aegean Cat Sitting

Now we are going to take a look at some of the most common characteristics of the Aegean cat, including intelligence, energy, and friendliness with people and other animals.


The Aegean cat is loads of fun to be around, and it is well-behaved, for the most part. Make sure you have scratching posts so they won’t ruin furniture and carpets.


Aegean cats can come in a variety of colors and patterns. They tend to be bi- or tri-colored, and are often seen with tabby markings.


This is a loving cat that adores attention. It will become close with most people, and loves to play as much as it loves to snuggle.


These cats get along with just about everyone, including children and other pets. They even get along well with dogs.


Here is a cat that is highly intelligent, and it proves this by not being easily trained to perform tricks. Instead, it is likely to train you.


The Aegean cat has tons of energy, but it is not hyperactive. You will have a great time playing all kinds of fun games with this cat.


Because these cats have shorter coats, grooming is relatively simple. They require weekly brushing, a healthy diet, and regular vet visits to ensure good health.

Types of Aegean Cats

There are no specific types of Aegean cats, but they can be found in a wide range of colors and patterns. They tend to be mostly white, with bi- or tri-color patterns, and often you will find them with tabby stripes.

There are both domesticated and feral Aegean cats.

Aegean Cats compared to other Breeds

If you are looking for a bi-color, tri-color, or tabby cat, the Aegean is a good choice, but you can also find cats with these colors and markings in many other breeds.

If you aren’t fussy about having a purebred cat, look for cats with similar appearances at your local shelter so you can adopt and save the life of a pet that may otherwise end up euthanized.


The Aegean cat is pretty rare in North America, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have one of these sweet babies as a pet. You may have to search far and wide, but it is definitely worth it.

These cats are loaded with personality, and they are affectionate, loving, and playful. If you are ever on vacation in the Greek islands, you just may end up coming home with one of these little beauties, and you will have the rarest cat in town.