Which Cat Breed is Right for Me?

You’ve been thinking about it and you’ve finally decided that it’s time to take the plunge and get yourself a cat. Now you just have to take the time to decide which among the many cat breed is right for me.

First of all, it’s true that all breeds of cats have some common traits. However, there are some breeds that have specific qualities that make them remarkable and more suited toward specific types of owners. So, if you have been thinking about getting a kitty cat to keep you company and you can’t decide which one would fit you the best, here are a few things you should keep in mind when you decide to start looking.

Of course, one thing to consider is that while you might have a specific cat in mind, make sure that you look first at your local animal shelter. There’s a chance that your dream kitty may be there, just waiting for you to come adopt him or her.

Do you want a kitty that will be active?

You’ve heard that cats are lazy- and while that’s true in many cases, it’s not true for all cats. There are a few breeds that can be quite hyperactive, which is the complete polar opposite of lazy.

Below is a short video guide about taming a hyperactive cat:

If you are typically a high energy person, and you need a cat that will match that personality, then here are a couple of cat breeds you might want to consider that will require you to spend some time playing with them and will do everything they can to keep you busy. However, one very important thing to keep in mind when you decide that an energizer kitty is for you is that kitty cats that are hyperactive are also quite vocal.

Following are a few of the more hyperactive breeds of kitty cats: Abyssinian, Balinese, Japanese Bobtail, Sphynx.

Do you want a kitty that likes water?

This is another thing you’ve probably heard about cats: they don’t like water. While that’s somewhat true, most cats are not big fans of water- there are a few breeds out there that don’t seem to be bothered too much by water, and what’s more, they seem to actually like it. You’d be shock of how many cats there are that don’t like water. 

Some cat breeds are simply drawn to the water once they see it and others just want to jump right in for a leisurely swim. Regardless of the situation, one thing is true, these cats definitely negate that myth that all cats hate water. Following are a few of the breeds that are not afraid of water: American bobtails, American shorthairs, Bengals, Maine Coons, and Turkish Vans.

Do you need a cat that will mesh with your active lifestyle?

While it’s true that there are some cats that are clingy and will never leave you alone, there are a few out there who are a bit aloof and would prefer that you leave them alone and stay out of their way. In return, they will leave you alone for the most part.

So, if you would prefer a cat like this that wouldn’t mind you working late, rest assured that there are plenty to choose from. After all, since you are choosing your pet and bringing him/her into your life, it’s a good idea to choose one that will mesh well with you and your schedule. Here are a few of the most common breeds that don’t mind being left for long periods of time: American Shorthair, British Shorthair, Russian Blue, and Siamese.

Do you really want a Sphynx?

The Austin Powers franchise came along and shined a spotlight on the Sphynx. However, the truth is, these cats were cool long before this. One thing that Sphynx are known for is their lack of hair/fur. Due to this, most people believe that they really don’t need that much grooming. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Without hair, they will most likely develop a bit of an odor, which means you’ll need to make sure to give them a bath about once a week and making sure that you keep their nails trimmed and ears cleaned out.

In addition, since they don’t have any fur, they’re not protected from the harmful UV rays from the sun, so they need to be kept indoors. Even though they do require some special attention, they do seem to be fairly healthy. They are a lot more like children than other types of cats and not nearly as self-sufficient as some other breeds. You should not leave your Sphynx alone for long periods of time, which means that it’s ideal for those who want a cat they can cuddle.

Do you want a kitty cat that has long hair?

The truth is, long haired kitty cats are quite majestic and tend to pull your focus on to them because of their long, fluffy fur. However, if you have decided that a long-haired breed might be ideal for you, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that you’ll need to make sure that you keep them groomed. You can do this yourself by investing in a nice pet brush or you can take him/her to the groomers every now and then.

Another thing to consider is that if you plan to let him/her outside during the hot summer months, keep a close eye on him/her. After all, you would think it’s too hot to wear a heavy wool jacket, right? Your cat will get hot just like you would.

Sure, a Bengal is a beautiful creature- but are you ready for the additional responsibility they require?

Bengal cats are a fairly popular choice of cat because they are so beautiful. However, before you make this choice, you need to think about the amount of care they require. They are a bit more active, have more of a wild side, and are a lot more intelligent than the average housecat. Therefore, if you have not taken the time to do your research and take everything into consideration, then you can cross it off your list. For instance, you can’t leave a Bengal cat alone for a long period of time- they prefer lots of human companionship.