What Breed Are Black Cats?

Black cats are one of many of the more common colors we can see when it comes to cat coats. Some who are uncertain of the black cat’s history or breed may wonder if that coloring can tell them more about the breed of their pet. To help you out, we’re going to provide some information on how to tell what breed are black cats might be as well as discuss the breeds that can often come in black coloring. Read on and enjoy!

Determining Breed

There are a number of features that can help you with finding your cat’s breed. For example, you can look at their coloring, fur length, and face shape. Many will find that some cats have a standard, pointed muzzle while others have more of a flat face. The shape of the ears can also be an indication, so take a look at whether your cat’s ears are pointed, folded or curled.

The Superstition of Black Cats

One important thing to keep in mind with black cats is the superstition surrounding them. While to many these are largely just stories, knowing them can help you to keep your pet safe. There are some who connect black cats to stories of witches, Celtic mythology, and even demons. Because of that, it can be a good idea to keep your black cat indoors at least during October. Some shelters will even refuse to adopt out black cats until the Halloween holiday is over, to avoid them being used as living decorations and then being released.

Black cats have been around for a long time, and plenty of different breeds can adopt this coloring. It can also be useful to know that they can take longer to be adopted out of shelters than others due to the superstitions behind the coat.

Black Cat Breeds

To help you determine what breed your black cat might be, here are some breeds that commonly have black coloring in addition to other colors and patterns.

1. Persian cat

Many know Persians by their telltale long, fluffy coat. These cats are known to be long-haired black cat breeds and often have shorter legs and a flat face. Because of that they can require a lot of grooming care. Furthermore, you can find these cats in a pure or mixed black coloring. So, if your black cat has long fur, a flat face and shorter legs than other cats it may have some Persian mixture within its breed.

2. Ragamuffin

These adorable cats are known for their sweet personalities, large eyes and soft coat. They are most often in the medium-size range and are thought to be heavily-boned. If you notice these kinds of features on your cat, they may well have some Ragamuffin in them! 

Many also find that this breed is known to be rather smart and prone to enjoying going on harnessed walks outside.

3. Bombay

While not many have heard of this breed, they tend to be known for a soft leather-like coat, expressive features and a mellow temperament. These cats are known to be a mixture of the Sable Burmese and black American Shorthair breeds, and they result in a pet with bright, copper eyes. Like the Ragamuffin, owners may find that these cats can enjoy walking on a leash.

4. Selkirk Rex

If your cat has a curlier coat, they may fit into this breed. Selkirk Rex cats are known for their wild curls and sturdy build. They began when a black Persian bred with a shelter cat that had been rescued, resulting in this adorable soft-coated breed. The largest factor in this breed is their unique coat style, so it should be pretty easy to tell if your cat might be part or full Selkirk Rex!

5. Exotic

The Exotic is known to be very playful, mellow, and can be told apart by their flat face. Essentially, these cats have the appearance of Persians, but with short fur. It’s a great option for people who want the basic look of a Persian without the need for frequent grooming. In some cases, these cats are even known for being willing to play fetch!

6. Scottish Fold

The owls of the cat world, Scottish Fold cats are well-known for their folded ears, round faces and adorably large eyes. Like the Sellkirk, it will be easier to tell if your cat has some Scottish Fold heritage by taking a look at the ears. Do keep in mind, however, that some Scottish Fold cats may not pick up the folded-ear feature. Then you can take a look at the rounded shape, larger eyes and sturdy build.

7. American Curl

These cats are similar to the Scottish Fold, but may have longer fur and their ears curl backwards rather than flopping forward. They also tend to look as though they’ve just been surprised much of the time. By taking a look at your cat’s ears, you can determine if they might fit into this breed. They also tend to be rather friendly and enjoy figuring out new spaces.

8. American Bobtail

Another easy-to-recognize breed is the American Bobtail. As the name entails, they are known to have a small bear-like tail that sets them apart from most other breeds. They are known to be smart and intelligent, and they also enjoy hunting. Their tales also tend to be very unique. Some can appear as just a bump, while others may be curved or kinked.


If you have a black cat, there is a possibility that they may be a mix of any of these breeds and more. In many cases, there is just too much of a mix to be able to tell what the different breeds involved are. Oftentimes, these cats are just referred to as “domestic” of either the longhair or shorthair variety.

Just for fun, you should also try and check out an amazing black and white color combination with what they call, the tuxedo cats.

Regardless of what cat breed or breed mix your cats is, each has their own unique appearance and personality. So, don’t worry if your cat doesn’t appear to be any of the specific breeds. Regardless of breed, any black cat is a great friend to have.