Orange Cat Names

It was Garfield who placed ginger cats on the map and not only did he become a household name, he also became the namesake of thousands of other ginger cats. Let’s just say that there is nothing wrong with ‘recycling’ a cool name such as Garfield, but you’ll want to let your cat’s personality shine through in its own, unique way, so here’s a few but great list of orange cat names for your adorable, cuddly and cute fur-end.

In the United States, these feline companions are often simply referred to as orange-colored cats and in the United Kingdom as well as many other countries their coloring is noted as ginger.

It’s no secret that many are familiar with the approachable, friendly temperament of these felines. It is also thought that white cats tend to be more aloof, while black cat breeds tend to be more mysterious. Naturally, these kinds of thinking are only stereotypes of various colors within the cat world, but it does show just how adored ginger cats often are.

So, if you are going ginger, let’s help you out with some clever names that each has their own little ‘orange touch.’

  • Amber – Usually known a tree resin that has been fossilized and has a bright, yellow-orange coloring
  • Annie – The most famous redheaded orphan to date
  • Apricot – Sweet, soft and comes in a light shade of orange
  • Archie – If you are into Riverdale, you’ll know that Archie Andrews has a head full of healthy, red hair
  • Butternut – You’ll probably never look at this orange vegetable the same way again
  • Butterscotch – A sweet confection and a very cool choice for your equally sweet ginger cat
  • Cheddar – A popular cheese that makes for a really cute cat came
  • Cheeto – A definite option if you are into this cheesy chip, or think that your cat might be too
  • Chester – Chester is the well-known mascot of the Cheeto’s brand
  • Clementine – A sweet, small fruit that functions a very cute name for your ginger kitten
  • Copper – A good choice if you think your cat’s coat resembles this orange-gold metal
  • Coral – This color is blended with some pink, but is still orange in its base
  • Curry – A popular Indian food item that has a distinct orange and yellow blend
  • Daphne – The heroine in Scooby Doo sported some gorgeous ginger locks
  • Dorito – A cheesy, crispy snack that’s loved by many. It can be a really cool cat name too
  • Ernie – A well-known orange Sesame Street puppet, with a bright personality
  • Fanta – The fruit-flavored soda brand has more than 100 flavors to its name, but orange is by far the one that stands out most
  • Ginger – Consider this your ginger-cat Bingo free space
  • Goldie – It’s got a slightly bossy feeling to it, but it works well
  • Honey – Warm, sweet and golden. Enough said
  • Lantana – An orange-colored tropical plant
  • Mango – This orange fruit serves ample amounts of flavor and could make for a great name for a ginger cat
  • Marigold – This gorgeous flower combines yellow and orange in a wonderful way
  • Marmalade – This fruit preserve is created using the peel and juice of citrus fruits that have been boiled with water and sugar. It makes for a very interesting name too
  • Nacho – It’s fun, fresh and feline!
  • Nectarine – This orange fruit definitely makes the list of cute cat names
  • Nemo – The adorable orange fish we all came to love in the movie called ‘Finding Nemo’
  • Nutmeg – An earthy, orange spice
  • Opie – Best known from the Andy Griffin Show, this character was a redheaded boy with a freckled face
  • Paprika – A spice with a great deal of flavor that comes in a reddish-orange color
  • Peaches – Your favorite fruit might just become your new cat’s name
  • Persimmon – An orange-colored, exotic fruit and an even better cat name
  • Poppy – This beautiful flower can offer plenty of cuteness to your feline companion
  • Pumpkin – A totally adorable name that would suit a slightly chubby cat
  • Rusty – Many know this as a great name for a human as well as a nickname for people who have red hair
  • Saffron – An orange spice that many find to be exotic and interesting
  • Simba – There is no way that this name cannot be included on the list. Thank you, Lion King
  • Sunny – No one can deny that these sweet cats don’t look like a ray of sunshine
  • Sweet Potato – Yet another food item on the list, but also sweet and orange
  • Tangerine – This orange fruit has a sweet flavor that is sure to match the personality of a ginger cat
  • Tiger/Tigress – After all, these great cats do look a little bit like small tigers
  • Tigger – This is the perfect name for a ginger cat with a lot of energy
  • Winnie – Though he may be a bit lighter in coloring, this is a great name for a cat that reminds you of honey

Below is a short video guide on how to pick cat names:

It’s really not that hard if you have one cat but it could be a something to think about if you have many cats at home. You can try to look for specific cat breeds that goes appropriately with the name you have in mind if you plan on thinking of a name first before getting a cat.