LaPerm Cats: The Ultimate Guide to Their History, Types, Characteristics, Temperament and Care

Cats come in all different shapes, sizes, coats and temperaments. Because of this, those who are looking for the perfect feline pet can benefit from learning about the different breed choices out there.

Here, we’re covering everything you need to know about the LaPerm, including where they come from, their personalities, care and health standards. With that knowledge, you can decide whether or not this breed is the right one for you.

Continue on to find out about these fantastic cats.

What’s the nature of the breed?

LaPerm cats are inquisitive, alert and interested in the world around them. They can also be seen as amusing due to their tendency to get into mischief or lightly tap their owners with a paw when they want affection.

Origin and history of the breed

All of the breeds we know today come from one cat, the African wildcat. It’s this cat that began to live alongside the ancient Egyptians.

From that point on, cats have adapted into a huge variety of climates, needs and desires of humans. From the Maine coon to the munchkin, there are so many different kinds of cats to choose from today.

Below is a short video that will briefly make you understand more about LaPerm Cats:

As a relatively new breed, the LaPerm first began in the state of Oregon in 1982 under completely random circumstances. Born bald, this first LaPerm eventually grew the gorgeous curls that make it such a unique breed.

Since then, people have learned what genes created this coat and how to develop it into the breed we know today.

Physical standards of the breed

Health and possible diseases

When it comes to breed-specific illnesses, the LaPerm is a picture of health. However, any cat can develop nearly any illness, so regular checkups are still a good idea.

You’ll also want to make sure you keep your cat at a healthy weight and provide them plenty of exercise.

There aren’t many health complications you may notice that are specific to the LaPerm breed.

Some cat breeds can be more prone to certain cat diseases due to their breeding, but the LaPerm isn’t one of them. These cats tend to be quite healthy overall.


LaPerm cats aren’t terribly difficult when it comes to grooming. The one thing that sets them apart is the need for a weekly brushing to keep their fur from tangling.

You may find that brushing needs to be more frequent every so often when they go through greater shedding or a molt.

Aside from that, it’s a good idea to keep their teeth brushed, their nails trimmed and their ears cleaned. If you get started early, none of these activities will be a problem for your cat.

Height and size

The LaPerm isn’t a terribly large cat. They tend to only reach about 6 or 7 inches in height. That said, you may find LaPerm mixes who are a little bit larger. It really depends on the cat.

The LaPerm can be considered a medium-small cat. They aren’t particularly large, but certainly aren’t anything like a toy breed either. It generally takes them 2 or 3 years to be fully grown.


These aren’t large cats, typically weighing in at around 5 to 10 pounds by the time they reach adulthood. What will be more important is making sure that your cat’s weight is healthy for whatever size it reaches.


LaPerm cats tend to be within the normal range of activeness for most cat breeds. They enjoy exploring, spending time with their humans and doing a little bit of romping in between naps.


These cats are not hypoallergenic, so it will be worthwhile to note the kinds of allergies a given person has. If they are more reactive to fur or pet dander, then keeping the LaPerm well brushed and in a clean home can be very helpful.

The issue can become more troublesome for those who are reactive to cat saliva.


Generally, the LaPerm can live anywhere from 10 to 15 years. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the lifestyle a cat lives can make large differences in their lifespan.

Those that are kept indoors and treated to regular vet checkups can live longer. It’s also a good idea to feed them a nutritious diet.

Caring Difficulty

For those who are looking for a breed that isn’t too difficult to care for, this is one worth looking into. As long as you can provide basic cat care and a weekly brushing, they are quite happy. This makes them great options for a wide variety of people.

Where to get a LaPerm Cat

This can really depend on how selective you are about the cat you want. If you’re extremely certain that you want a purebred LaPerm kitten, seeking out a qualified breeder may be the choice for you.

However, if you aren’t looking for a show cat then it’s worthwhile to take a look at local animal shelters. You never know when you might come across a sweet LaPerm or LaPerm mix in need of a home!

How much does a LaPerm Cat cost?

A shelter can often provide cats for $100 or less, complete with shots and initial checkups. However, for those in search of a purebred LaPerm from a breeder, the costs can run anywhere from $200 to upwards of  $600. It all depends on where you look and what your requirements are.

Choosing the right type of LaPerm Cat

The cat you choose should largely be based on personality, but that’s not always the case for those who are looking for a show-worthy pet.

Some aspects worth considering are the color, patterns and personality traits you like, as well as which ones you would prefer to avoid. From there, you’ll need to meet with breeders or check shelters to get an idea of what these cats are like.

Responsibilities to consider in the care of a LaPerm Cat

What do they require?

Like most cats, the LaPerm will need regular care, quality food and water, and cat toys to keep themselves entertained.

It’s a good idea to make sure they have space to run and climb, or a cat tree that allows them to explore and enjoy heights without tearing up your curtains in the process.

Do they need a certain level of care and attention?

As an inquisitive cat, LaPerms like to be near their owners and able to check out what is going on.

You may even find that they enjoy a good shoulder ride. Aside from that, they aren’t extremely needy cats, they just like to spend time with their people, especially when well socialized.

Characteristics of LaPerm Cat


Many adore the personalities of these cats, because they can be quite friendly and cute.

When you think of a cat that might gently pat your face to try to wake you up in the morning, or ride around on your shoulder, this is a breed you may be picturing.


The LaPerm is a cat that is well-known for its fluffy, curly coat. That coat can be found in a number of patterns including tortoiseshell, tabby and those of red coloring.

Aside from that, you may also find them in some other unique colors, depending on where you’re looking.


When you’re looking for a lap cat, this is a decent breed to consider. They may not be couch potatoes, but the LaPerm is happy to rest in your lap when they have the opportunity to.

If they have received enough socialization, these cats are likely to be friendly to guests as well.


The biggest concern for nearly any breed of cat is their level of positive socialization.

If the LaPerm you adopt is socialized, then they aren’t likely to have any problems with children or other pets in the home, assuming those family members are also calm and gentle.


You can think of the LaPerm as a supervisor. They’re interested in what’s going on around them and often wants to know what you’re doing.

You may also find that these cats can be a bit mischievous, attempting to open up cupboards or containers with their paws.


These are cats with a decent amount of energy, but they won’t necessarily be running around your home like a Savannah cat or something more primal.

Essentially, making sure they have enough space to run around, climb and play will keep them happy. Some puzzle toys wouldn’t hurt either.


Aside from regular brushing or combing, these cats aren’t particularly high maintenance.

Types of LaPerm Cats

There aren’t exactly different types, but you can find a wide range of different patterns and colors. You may also find that LaPerm kittens don’t yet have their curly coat, and may sometimes even be bald or close to it.

The LaPerm can come in nearly any color you might find in a cat. Red is a frequent color among the breed, but it’s not too difficult to find them in other colors.

You can also find these cats in a variety of different patterns. Two common ones include tortoiseshell and tabby, but you may even find some pointed varieties and solid colors.

LaPerm Cats compared to other Breeds

LaPerm cats can be smaller than some of the more common breeds out there, and their coat definitely sets them apart.

This is also a breed that is somewhat rare, so it’s unlikely that your LaPerm cat would look anything like cats your friends and family members may have.


The LaPerm is a great choice when you’re looking for a cat with a sweet disposition who definitely stands out.

They aren’t large cats, nor are they difficult to care for, and you’ll surely get plenty of entertainment from them. Just make sure to keep them brushed, and you’re likely to have a very happy feline friend.