How to Tell if a Cat Likes You?

When you have a pooch, it’s quite easy to tell whether you have a good bond or not. After all, they aren’t called a man’s best friend for nothing.

They often shower you with love and affection. But when it comes to cats, it can be trickier to know how they feel about you or how to tell if a cat likes you. 

In fact, you might find that even though they live in your home and you feed and cuddle them on a daily basis, they might not be so fond of you. 

You can either choose to find ways for your cats to like you or you can just find out some ways to correct a cat's behavior.

Cats truly have their own mind and it can be hard to work them out sometimes. But there are some easy ways how to tell if a cat likes you. Therefore, here are 10 signs that you are on a friendly basis with your feline.

There is a Gift Waiting for You

There is nothing worse for a pet owner than finding a dead bird or mouse outside your door. Or in some cases, in your kitchen or lounge. You then have to take on the challenging task of removing the dead animal from your home. But while it might offend you, it is a good sign that your beloved cat does like you.

After all, it’s in their nature to catch things to share with people (or other cats in the wild) that they care about. So the fact they are killing their prey and giving it to you is a sure sign that they do think fondly of you. And on top of this, bringing it back to the house means they feel secure and happy in their home. Just make sure you don’t give them too much praise so that it doesn’t become a common occurrence that you end up with a regular supply of dead rats in your home.

They Rub Against Your Legs

You might think that when your cat rubs against your legs it’s after food. But while this is a good way of them trying to get your attention to feed them, it is also a way they show affection to a human being. In fact, by rubbing against you, they are attempting to leave their scent. So they are trying to claim you as their human so that other cats will back off. Therefore, if you find your kitty does always rub against you, you can be sure that you have clicked and are buddies. Just make sure you stroke your cat when they do rub against you so that they know you love them too.

They Purr in Your Presence

A lot of people wonder what it means when their cat keeps purring. After all, it can be a sign of concern or hunger. But you might find that your beloved feline tends to purr in your presence if they love your company. Whether they are sitting on your lap, or next to your feet, if they do purr, it’s a good sign they are showing you affection. And they hope that you will respond back with a stroke if they do this in front of you. Some cats are more vocal than others when it comes to purring, so don’t worry if it’s quite a quiet purr or even just a vibrate. It still means they are showing you how much they love you and you will know that your cat does indeed like you.

The Cat Is Always Trying To Sit on Your Lap

It can be annoying when your cat is trying to sit with you. You might be trying to get on with some work or even just searching the web on your iPad, and you will find that the kitty might try and squeeze onto your lap, or even push the item out of the way so that they sit with you. But while it can get on your nerves, if your kitty wants to sit with you, it’s a good sign that they like you. It means they want to be close to you.

And they are only going to do this if they feel safe and secure with that person. So it means they are trying to show you affection if they do want to sit on your lap. Therefore, do try and let them have some lap time and stroke them while they are sitting with you to make sure you show them you love them.

They Try and Knead You

If your cat thinks you are alright, there is a good chance that you might find they push their paw in and out against your skin. It could be your leg if they are sitting on your lap, or your arm might be their favorite place to knead. A lot of people wonder why their cat is doing this, especially as it can often sting if they use their claws.  In fact, some cat owners think their furry friend is trying to hurt them. But, in fact, by doing this, they are showing you how much they love you.

Here's a short video about why do cats knead?

And they are content if they are kneading while on your lap. Be warned; you might find that the more they are showing you their affection, the harder they will do it. So try and keep your skin covered up while they are doing this so they can show their love without you ending up with an armful of scratches.

They Put Their Tail Up When They are Near You

While we might say hello or wave to greet one another, a cat tends to say hello to the human they love by putting their tail up when you approach. While it may seem a bit rude to flash you, your beloved pet is showing you their affection for you. Give them a stroke and cuddle to show them you are saying hello back.

Additionally, if their tail is curved at the tip, you are definitely the apple of their eye. So you know that your kitty does think a lot of you. Just be wary that if the tail is wagging, it doesn’t mean they are in a good mood like dogs. In fact, it means they are in an aggressive or annoyed mood, so you should avoid them or back off what you’re doing in this case.