How to Calm an Aggressive Cat

We all hope to have a cat that is loving and sweet. After all, they will then make a great family pet which will be loved by everyone. However, while some cats can be like that, there are others that are more aggressive, and it can make for a very stressful household. It can be a worry that the cat might scratch you at any moment. If you have kids too, it can make them nervous from the pet. And you might get frightened they will hurt your little one. When this is the case, a lot of pet owners don’t know what to do about the angry cat. They don’t want to end up taking it to the shelter. But they don’t know how to calm an aggressive cat, so they think it might be the only option.  

However, there are some ways you can change the attitude of the cat. That way, you can have a loving and friendly natured feline. Therefore, here is how to calm an aggressive cat.

Use a Diffuser

You might not know that you can get a diffuser which can help to calm that cat with an attitude. It releases calming pheromones which can help to relax your cat. You will find that your kitty’s personality will change if you do use this diffuser. It can help to get rid of any stress the cat is feeling. And you will find that you have a happier household. A lot of people get the diffuser when it comes to stressful times such as moving house or bringing a new pet into the property. But it can also work just as well when it comes to calming down an aggressive feline.

There are many types of diffusers around. One of the most popular ones is Feliway. With this product, you plug it in the wall in your home to start releasing calming pheromones. It’s worth getting several and putting it in areas where the cat spends the most time. And if you would rather not get the plug-in, there are different types around such as a spray which you can put around the cat to help calm it down.

Figure Out the Issue

One of the best ways to calm an aggressive cat is to work out why it’s acting in such a way. After all, cats don’t become aggressive for no reason. It’s often down to stress or fear that causes them to act in a bad way. Therefore, you need to observe your cat and figure out what is causing the aggressive behavior. It might be the case they are upset about their surroundings. For instance, they might not feel secure in the home. It’s possible you might need to make an area where they can hide and feel safe. Move a cat bed into a quiet area so they can go there when they are stressed out. You might find that by doing this it improves their behavior.

Another issue which could be causing them to act aggressively is they haven’t warmed to another pet or human being. It might be the case you have just moved a stranger into the home, or even had a baby who is now in the home. This can send your cat astray as they might feel stressed with strangers around. It’s best to keep the new person away until they feel happier.

Being aggressive can sometimes be down to the background of the cat. For instance, they might have been mistreated as a kitten and this can be the reason for their bad behavior. If you can trace it back, it’s worth trying to reassure your cat that you come in peace. Spend time stroking the cat but let them come to you. Hopefully, they will learn to trust you and then it will calm down the cat. And if you can’t figure out what’s wrong with the cat, you should hire a cat behaviorist. That way, they can give you an insight into what’s wrong with your pet.

Give it Space

The worst thing you can do when your cat is showing signs of aggressive behavior is to keep following it around. After all, your cat is showing you they don’t want attention right now. So if you keep trying to pet your cat, or even keep picking it up, it’s just going to get more riled, and then you will end up being scratched if you are not careful. It might be that they are finding your behavior threatening and they are reacting in a fearful way.

For additional guide, below is a short video of how to deal with an aggressive cat:

Therefore, if you want to help to calm your aggressive cat, you should give it some space. Back away from the cat slowly and then move its bed and toys to a quiet area in the home. Then you should tell all family members to give the feline some space. You will find that after a few hours, your cat might calm down and be friendly again. If it does take longer than this, go and check on your cat after a while. Don’t approach it though; let it come to you when it’s ready and you will hopefully find their behavior will improve.

Use Treats to Win Them Over

If your cat is showing signs of being aggressive, you need to try and reassure them that you aren’t going to hurt them. You need to show them you are friendly and don’t mean any harm. One way you can do this is by giving them treats. After all, they will enjoy having a treat and it can help to calm them down.

Give them a couple of tasty treats and then leave them alone. They are bound to act a lot friendlier to you once they have enjoyed their treat. If they realize they will be rewarded with treats with good behavior, they should act a lot friendlier in future.

Note that in some cases, like with feral cats, most of these methods might not work. You need to be able to tame the feral cat and win them over.

And if this all fails, speak to your vet as they can try and figure out the reason for the behavior.