Cute Cat Breeds

Did you know that cats are one of the most common pets in the world today?  While dogs do have them beat by just a bit in popularity, it is still really common for homes to have at least one cat.  Cats are really just awesome.  Sure, they are finicky, and they may love you one minute and despise you the next, but they are really pretty cute creatures! 

There are so many breeds of cat out there, it can be hard to decide which are the cutest! We’re here to list the top 10 cute cat breeds to provide a little information on some of the cute and small cat breeds out there. If you’re looking to adopt, this list can also help you to decide which cat breeds you like best so that you can gather some more information on them! Enjoy!

Let’s take a look at some of the cute cat breeds across the globe. Here are the top thirteen, in really no particular order. 

1. Siberian

The Siberian is a fluffy, large-eyed cat that is known to be very affectionate and playful. They have a thick, warm coat that helps to keep them warm in the colder seasons and expressive eyes that are hard to deny. If you enjoy brushing and cuddling a happy, friendly feline friend then they are a great pet option. You’ll be likely to get plenty of purring from these little guys!

2. Ragdoll

Ragdolls are another fluffy feline that are set apart by their unique facial coloring and bright eyes. These soft little critters enjoy spending time with their humans, playing and getting attention. Their coats also aren’t known to mat easily so they’ll be easier to take care of even though they do have longer fur. They also love to hunt for bugs and other critters inside and out! Many recognize them as looking somewhat similar to Siamese cats, but with a little bit of a lighter tone.

3. Maine Coon

If you love a gentle giant, the Maine Coon is certainly the way to go! These large, fluffy beasts are often incredibly cuddly and mellow. They can also be somewhat talkative if they are met with a pleasant response to their meows. 

Here is a video of some of the most amazing characteristics and traits of the Maine Coon Cat:

Many also find that these cats are a great option for families with children, as their temperaments tend to be more calm and playful. Maine Coons also have a tendency to be very intelligent, sometimes too smart even for their own good!

4. Exotic Persian

The Exotic is an adorable cat with a squished-in face that any cat parent could love. Their flat faces and large eyes really set them apart from many other cat breeds. They tend to enjoy being rather talkative and often enjoy playing and cuddling with their human counterparts. Unlike the standard Persian, the Exotic Persian has shorter fur which can be a little bit easier to care for. They are a rather affectionate breed, which makes them a great choice for owners who like to cuddle with their pets.

5. Persian

The Persian cat is the Exotic Persian’s longhaired counterpart. They offer that adorable flat face with long, luxurious fur that just makes you want to cuddle with them constantly. Because of that, they will need more frequent brushing than many of the shorter hair breeds out there. Many see these critters as elegant, gorgeous additions to their home that they can shower with love. Some Persians also have brightly colored eyes that can really stand out beautifully alongside their silky fur.

6. British Longhair

The British longhair is an adorable cat breed with a face that is somewhere in between most cats and the flat-faced Persian breeds. They are also known for having particularly large, expressive eyes that often makes these adorable critters appear sad. Many of us have heard of puppy-dog eyes, and these are the cat equivalent! In addition, they have soft, fluffy coats that give them the appearance of being very cuddly. They also tend to be quite affectionate with their human friends.

7. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian forest cats have an elegant look that just can’t be beat. Their long, gorgeous coats are made to allow them comfort in the harsher Scandinavian winters. While these cats get along well with other four-legged family members, they can tend to be a more independent breed. Members of this breed will be happiest in an area where they can roam and hunt relatively freely.

8. British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a breed commonly found in the UK and known as the Domestic Shorthair in the US. They are among the most popular cat breeds, and they often result in the mixing of many different cat breeds. They often tend to be quite affectionate and playful, making them excellent choices for families with children. They can also often like to talk to their owners, making adorable chirps and meows that entertain to no end.

9. Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is a truly adorable breed, with large eyes and ears that are folded, or flattened over. This gives them the appearance of having larger, rounder heads and more expressive facial features. These little guys can often appear startled or concerned as a result. Members of this breed tend to be very affectionate with their human family members, especially the younger ones! In addition, they are considered to be quite intelligent and friendly to other pets.

10. Munchkin

Though this is one of the more controversial breeds in existence today, there’s no denying that the Munchkin Cat is adorable! These cats can be considered the Corgis of the cat world, with their standard-sized bodies and stubby legs. Many vets do claim that these guys tend to be healthy, but like any other pure breed, can be more prone to certain kinds of health problems. That said, it’s important to make sure that if you adopt a member of this breed, you make sure they have a clean bill of health and come from a reputable source.

11. Himalayan

The Himalayan is another really cute breed.  They are really common in America, but they can also be found in the U.K. They have a really long coat, with unique markings.  They are very social cats as well and tend to get along with people pretty well.  They do tend to be a bit on the expensive side though, simply because they are so cute, and people just really want Himalayans.

12. Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair is actually one of the most popular breeds of cats in the world.  It comes from the U.S. and is a medium sized cat, so it doesn’t get really big. This makes it an ideal breed for families looking for a smaller breed.  This breed is also well known for their loving and affectionate attitude.  They do have a downside, however.  Even though they have short hair, they do shed.  A lot.  They are also not the best for those with allergies.

13. American Curl

The American Curl is another breed that comes from the U.S.  They are usually pretty small, and also have curled ears. They have a thick coat that is usually pretty long, so if you like a long-haired cat this is a great breed to go with.  They are usually pretty playful, and they love to interact with you.  They have such sweet little personalities, which really just adds to their level of cuteness.


These are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cute cat breeds. There are really so many cute cats out there, you could probably fit just about every breed somewhere on this list! For many, the level of cuteness offered by a particular breed can be very subjective.

Regardless of which breed you have an interest in, consider cat adoption over going to a shelter! Many of these breeds can be found there, and you may just find the ideal pet for your home among the multitude of friendly felines who are looking for their forever homes.