Your Complete Guide to Therapy Cats

Although the term ‘therapy cats’ might sound like the name of some contemporary jazz band, in fact, it describes a group of animals that can have the same positive effects on humans that music can, and so much more besides.

In this article, we are going to define what a therapy cat is, the ways in which therapy cats can help humans, and what it takes for a cat to be regarded as suitable to be a therapy cat.

Definition of a Therapy Cat

The definition of a therapy cat is a cat which has been deemed suitable to interact with humans in such a way that it provides medical benefits. These aren’t benefits in relation to medical insurance but clinical benefits such as reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and helping other emotional issues.

With its loving nature, any cat could be deemed to be providing therapy from time to time for its owner. Anyone who has owned and felt the love and affection their cat has for them will know how relaxing and therapeutic that can be.

As good as that might be, to be regarded as a therapy cat for the purposes of treating patients, or simply providing therapeutic benefits to other individuals, a cat should in some way have been trained or certified as such. The problem here is there are no nationally recognized nor legally based criteria for this.

There is also some confusion whereby therapy cats are sometimes thought of as the same as service animals. They are not, and as it stands, a cat cannot be a service animal. Only a dog, and in special cases, a horse, can be one.

For clarification, service animals are primarily trained to help those with physical disabilities such as blindness, deafness, or confinement to a wheelchair. The most common example of a service animal is a guide dog.

Below is some facts about emotional support cats or therapy cats:

Know that there are some requirements you should meet and be able to comply having a therapy cat at home.

What Conditions Can Benefit from Therapy Cats

The list of conditions that therapy cats can bring some relief to, isn’t endless but it is comprehensive. They tend to be those which could be described as emotional or behavioral but as these conditions are relieved, there are many physical benefits which can accrue too.

One thing which therapy cat treatment does not seem to have a limit on is the age of the beneficiary, and that applies at either end of the age scale.  They are used to provide therapy for young children all the way through to the elderly and every age group in between.

Here are the most common ailments and conditions that therapy cats are used to alleviate.

Stress/anxiety/high blood pressure

The mere act of holding a calm and relaxed cat in your arms or on your lap can lower stress and anxiety levels to the point where you are as relaxed as the cat is. If the cat purrs while being held, many people say it magnifies the state of calmness.

The longer you can enjoy these soothing moments the more likely it is that your blood pressure could fall too, and the additional benefit of low blood pressure is a healthier cardiovascular system, which includes your heart.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

This is a condition which can be genetic and is very prevalent amongst children, although it can be something which afflicts adults too. ADHD manifests itself in many ways but the most common are hyperactivity, impulsive or rash behavior and inattentiveness.

Therapy cats help with ADHD in several ways.

  • Their affection is unconditional and unlimited
  • The child receives attention without having to demand it
  • The child can talk to it which is therapeutic in itself
  • They can reduce stress and anxiety
  • They distract the child in a pleasant way


Autism is often misunderstood by those who have no connection with it, and to be fair even scientists are not 100% sure of all its causes. Defined simply, it is a chronic condition affecting social interaction, behaviors and communication. It is normally first diagnosed in young children, there is no cure, and treatment is done in conjunction with therapists and behaviorists.

The evidence that therapy cats can help in that treatment is extensive. As symptoms and behaviors will vary from child to child a therapy cat can have a positive effect on their emotional development, social skills, communication skills, and their confidence.


Geriatrics is a rather unpleasant sounding word, which covers those ailments which afflict the elderly such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and chronic arthritis to name but three. While a therapy cat can’t reverse any of these chronic ailments, what they can do is give the elderly person suffering from them, some comfort, companionship and affection.

These three simple things can often be enough to give the cat’s owner other benefits which can help limit their symptoms and improve their general health.

Which Cat Breeds are Suitable to Become Therapy Cats?

There are no hard and fast rules about whether a certain breed of cat can or cannot become a therapy cat, but there are some that are more likely to.


Although tabby is not a cat breed in its own right, there are a couple of tabby breeds which have proven to be good therapy cats. The American Shorthair is one of them, and they are particularly effective because of their good nature when in the company of children. Another is the Abyssinian tabby, whose intelligence and outgoing nature make them ideal companions.

Persian cats

Persian cats are wrongly considered to be very aloof cats, but the opposite is true. They give back as much love and affection as they receive.

Sphynx cats

Being hairless, Sphynx cats may not look to be the cuddliest cats around, but what they lack in hair, they more than make up for in loyalty and love.


Ragdolls are as cute and cuddly as their soft furry appearance would have you believe, and they make great therapy cats. They are comfortable around children, have a calm nature, and as companions, they are perfect due to their love of sitting on their owner’s lap.

Mixed breeds

The last type of cats we need to mention is mixed breeds. These will often not have some of the less desirable traits that some pure breeds can display like aloofness, and independence, which are both unsuitable for therapeutic purposes. Female mixed breeds have proven to make excellent therapy cats, in many treatment areas, ranging from children with emotional problems to elderly patients with dementia.

Which Characteristics Should a Therapy Cat Have?

The main thing you need to assess when considering whether your, or any other cat has the potential to be a therapy cat, is its temperament.

Unlike dogs, who are instinctively pack animals and love being part of a family, cats are more independent. That does not mean they don’t love company, and there are countless examples of cats who follow their owners around like a puppy would.

Ideally, you are looking for a cat who genuinely seems to enjoy the company of humans, and that includes children too. Evidence of this will be them being happy to be handled, carried and petted, even if that is done roughly, which brings us back to children again.

Other traits you are looking for is calmness around people, even if there are a lot of them in the room, and they also need to be content when there are other animals around them too.

Therapy cats should be unfazed by loud noises including machinery and medical equipment. It will often be the case that a therapy cat’s patient or owner requires medical equipment nearby, so it is imperative that any noise it makes doesn’t bother them.

Therapy Cat Certification

One of the issues in relation to therapy cats, is that there is no national association or board who has overall authority in relation to them. This means that legally, there isn’t really any obligation to register them as a therapy cat or emotional support animal (ESA) as they are officially called.

However, for those who have a therapy cat, or ESA, there are two laws that you can read about in the next section which having your therapy cat certified can be very advantageous There are countless websites online who have ESA registration schemes, but it always best to go for one of the ones who are best known.

One of those is ‘Certa Pet’ who provide a service which includes a certification letter from a mental health professional. Their certification is accepted by just about anyone who matters, and they are recognized in every state.

Your Legal Rights

For those people with service animals there are numerous laws which give them rights in relation to where they can take their animals, however, these are not as comprehensive when it comes to ESAs, of which therapy cats are the most common.

However, there are two very important laws which owners of therapy cats should be aware of. The first is the Fair Housing Act (FHA), and the second is the Air Carrier Access Act (ACCA).

The reason for this is that the FHA grants owners of therapy cats and other ESAs rights which prevent landlords and homeowner’s association enforcing ‘no pets’ rules against you, even of that apartment block or condominium already has that rule in place.

With the ACCA, it allows you to travel on airlines with your therapy cat and do so without being charged additional fees.

To be able to benefit from these laws your therapy cat must be certified as an ‘emotional support animal’ which we discussed in the previous section.


We all know cats can be great pets, and that itself can bring cat owners benefits to their health. With therapy cats this goes a stage further with their calm, friendly and affectionate nature giving the person they are there to help, benefits to both their physical and mental health, which in some cases can be life changing.

Is Your Cat Sad? How to Tell and What to Do to Cheer Up a Depressed Cat

Pet owners of dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and even fish, have always sought to give them human qualities and personalities. An example of this is when a dog sits up we say they are begging. They are not begging in the way humans would, they have merely been trained to sit up like that to receive a treat.

It is the same when a cat might purr, and its owner turns around and tells you exactly what the cat has just said in English. As lovable as cats are, and as communicative as they are, they’ve not gotten around to being able to speak any human language.

Animals Can Have Emotions Too

There is a certain irony to pet owners believing their pets can be almost human in some ways, but not in more deep-seated areas such as emotions. Pets have emotions, and often these are negative emotions. We then get the same owners who think their cat can master linguistics but is incapable of being sad or depressed.

The simple fact is all animals can have these emotions, but as the focus of this article is cats, we shall concentrate on them. We’ll look more closely at why cats can get sad or depressed, how to recognize it, and what you can do to help it feel better.

The Signs That Your Cat Is Sad

Cats have two ways of communicating with you. The first is vocally, and the second is their body language. If you think I am about to say ignore the vocal one because a cat can’t tell you it is sad, you’re wrong.

If a cat is vocalizing excessively it can be a sign that something is wrong with them, including them feeling depressed. A cat can make all manner of sounds to indicate all is not well such as wailing, low-pitched meows and even continuous purring which they sometimes do to console themselves.

Conversely, if your cat is normally a chatterbox, and suddenly they become as quiet as a mouse, this could be a sign all is not well.

The body language of a cat can also be very telling if they are sad. Here are some signs you might see.

  • Ears held back
  • Tail tucked under their body
  • Changes in litter box usage
  • Sleeping longer than normal
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lack of grooming
  • Scratching objects more
  • Hiding and being reclusive
  • Lack of energy
  • Loss of normal playfulness
  • Sudden aggressiveness

I should point out that if your cat displays any of these it does not automatically follow that they are sad or depressed as these symptoms can be due to them suffering from an ailment or illness. However, if there is no other obvious reason for these behaviors and symptoms, sadness should be considered.

What Causes a Cat to Be Depressed?

While cats have a vastly different psychological makeup to humans the reasons that they become depressed can be similar to those of humans. Here are some of the most common.


History is awash with stories of animals pining for, and mourning the loss of, their owners who have passed away, and this extends to other family members or other animals that may have shared their home. If any of these sad events have happened recently do not dismiss it as a possible reason for your cat being sad or depressed. Remember, they have lost a loved one too.


Cats can’t really tell you that they have a pain, or they are unwell, but often this will be why they are feeling down and displaying some of the behaviors we mentioned above.

There are illnesses that cats have, which are not apparent and can only be diagnosed by a veterinarian. Until it is and is treated your cat is obviously going to feel sad about whatever is ailing them.

Furthermore, if this is the issue, it is best to know what to food to feed your sick cat so that you won’t further cause your feline pet any discomfort.

Physical injury

While these are easier to spot than illnesses, even after an injury has been bandaged up or had the cat equivalent of a Band-Aid placed on it, these can still affect a cat emotionally. Even though any wound might have been treated, they may still be in a lot of pain. Their mobility might also be hampered which is always frustrating, as it is for us humans when we can’t get about as easily as we normally can.

Below is a short video of symptoms and treatment of cat depression:

It’s much better to know at least some of the important causes and their effects to avoid any discomfort for you and your feline friend.

Just for a quick note, cats getting older can be less active and would seem depressed or lacks the interest in anything rather than eating and resting.

Lack of affection or attention

Believe it or not, and despite the reputation cats have for being solitary creatures, they do yearn for the company of others, especially you, if you are their owner. Hopefully, you do spend time playing with your cat and giving them affection, but if not, you need to question why you have them in the first place.

How to Cheer Up a Depressed Cat

There are lots of ways you can help your sad cat become a happy cat again. Here are three of the most effective ones.

Make more time for them

It doesn’t take much to spend 15-30 minutes or so playing with your cat every day. For playtime buy them some new toys and get the ones which are interactive and stimulate them. In the evening, letting them sit on your lap while you watch TV is an easy way to give them affection.

You could also use some of the time you spend with your cat to groom them, talk to them, and even teach them to do some tricks. Whichever it is, these are great for letting your cat feel loved and helping them out of their depression.

Bring another pet into the home

This takes some planning with the family and an agreement that you are all prepared to have another pet, but it could be a great way to cheer up your sad cat. Ideally, it should be another cat but there are also thousands of households which have a cat and a dog who live happily under the same roof. A therapy cat is a great option for this issue.

Take them outside

Many cat owners keep their cats strictly indoors, and there is nothing wrong with that in principle. However, if your cat is depressed, letting them, or taking them outside yourself, could be a stimulus which snaps them out of their sadness. If you are wary of letting your cat roam free outside, then you could build them a ‘catio’ which would be their very own outside playpen.

One Final Note

Finally, it would be remiss not to say that if your cat starts displaying any unusual behavior do not hesitate to contact your vet. Sadness or depression could be the cause, but if not, then the appropriate veterinary treatment should be sought.

How to Get a Cat to Like a Dog

Many people may not think too much about how they should introduce new pets into their home. Unfortunately, this can result in pets becoming stressed and overwhelmed, which can also contribute to them not getting along very well. Luckily, there are ways to avoid this. There are some ways of how to get a cat to like a dog.

There are a few steps that you’ll need to follow when you bring a new cat or dog into a home that already has a pet. While they might require a lot of patience, these steps can ensure that your cat and dog get along better overall, resulting in fewer problems living together.

Making the Introduction

The first step is making the introduction between your pets. This is a very important step, and it’s important to handle it very carefully in order to get the best results. For this step, you’ll need to be prepared to remove one or both pets from the situation if there should be any signs of aggression.

For example, if you’re introducing a new kitten then you’ll want to be holding the kitten. It also wouldn’t hurt to have your dog on a leash, just in case. It’s best to keep the first introduction as smooth as possible, allowing pets to see each other without necessarily interacting just yet.

Start Very Slowly

A lot of the time, pets may have some trouble adjusting to one another if they are forced into a space together too quickly. While some pets may get along right away, it’s always better to be cautious in order to avoid issues. This can include keeping pets away from each other for the most part.

If you can allocate the new pet to one room then this can be helpful for allowing them to get used to their space without too much stress. It’s wise to keep in mind that the new pet is in a whole new space, with new people and animals. As a result, it’s good to give them some time to get used to your home.

Let Them Adjust to Smells

Another option is to keep both pets confined to their own rooms for the most part. After a few days, you can then switch the rooms that the pets are in. This way, they can get used to each other’s scents without too much stressful interaction.

While this may not seem like a big deal to you, allowing your pets to get used to each other’s smells can be very helpful for increasing the comfort level overall. As a result, they may be more likely to like each other once they are ready to interact, or at the very least won’t have much interest one way or the other.

Let Them Interact

Start by letting your pets sniff one another while still in a divided space. Something like a baby gate or a type of door that will allow them a small amount of interaction is a good idea. This way, they can check each other out without risking a fight or flight situation.

Here is a short funny video about dogs and cats spending some time together:

In most cases, the cat will be more likely to be afraid of the dog. Because of this, it’s a good idea to make sure that the cat seems comfortable before allowing them to interact further. Next, you can try letting them interact more closely while keeping a close eye on them.

Love Them!

It can be tempting to give a lot of love to your new pet. After all, a new critter is exciting. Love your pet as much as you can. However, it’s important to make sure your affection is shared, if not equally, at least bearable and unnoticeable between your two pets. This can help both animals to continue feeling loved, leading to fewer problems with jealousy.

Think of it as being similar to having a new baby. You want to make sure both children feel that they are getting the love and attention they need. The same is true for pets! It is possible for one pet to get jealous if the other is receiving more attention, which can potentially lead to problems.

Give Them Breaks

Early on, pets may be more worn down while interacting with one another than they will once they’re completely comfortable. This is especially true if you have a dog who is excited about a new cat or kitten. While the dog might be having fun, the cat might get stressed out by the attempts to play.

After a while, this interaction can get stressful, so it’s worthwhile to make sure your pets get breaks from one another, during which they can calm down and relax. In time, the novelty of the new pet will wear off and it’s likely they’ll be able to relax around one another more easily.

Keep An Eye Out

Even after your pets appear to have gotten used to one another, there can sometimes be interactions that one or both pets don’t enjoy, resulting in a squabble or one pet becoming frightened. Because of this, you’ll want to keep an eye on your pets to make sure they’re getting along well.

This problem is more likely to occur early on, but you never know when something might irritate one of them. As a result, it’s a good idea to make sure that you can easily remove one or both animals from the room just in case, though it’s most likely that they’ll be fine once they get used to each other.


Overall, the most important aspects of getting your cat and dog to get along are taking it slowly, allowing them to get used to one another and then allowing them to interact in small, gentle ways. Over time, they will get used to one another and become more relaxed.

If you stay patient and take your time, it’s far more likely that your pets will be able to get comfortable and even enjoy playing together. It’s just a matter of giving them the time and making slow steps in introducing them. If you have pets that already know one another but don’t get along, these steps can also help to introduce them in a healthier way.

How to Introduce Cat to Dog

A solid introduction can make all the difference when it comes to introducing a cat and a dog. These aren’t naturally animals that get along, though they certainly can in some cases. It is comfortable to at least learn some of the ways about how to introduce cat to dog. Providing them with a calm, relaxed introduction can help pave the way to a happy relationship between the two.

To help you with introducing a cat to a dog, we’re listing some tips that can allow for a more peaceful experience overall. Just make sure to be patient and give them plenty of time to get used to one another. In time, they’ll surely be able to exist together in a peaceful, happy home.

Don’t Rush It

The first thing to keep in mind is not to rush it. Some cats and dogs may be able to get along right away, but most will need a little time to acclimate to the presence of a new animal. Because of this, you’ll want to take it one step at a time and keep a close eye on how both the cat and dog react.

Ideally, you’ll be able to reach a state where they get along well but it’s also good if they simply ignore one another most of the time. Not all cats are going to be thrilled about having a home with a dog, but they often learn to just do their own thing without paying much mind to your dog.

Have Control Over the Situation

When introducing a cat and dog for the first time, you’ll want to make sure that you’re fully prepared. It’s a good idea to have the dog on a leash and harness so that you can pull them away from the cat if needed. In some cases, you may also be able to hold the cat during the introduction but watch out for cat claws!

The reason for having this level of control is to make sure that the introduction is safe. Dogs can sometimes get over-excited when meeting a new pet and the cat might not be a fan. As a result, you’ll want to be able to keep the situation as calm as possible.

Pay Attention to Body Language

You can tell a lot about both dogs and cats by looking at their body language. For example, if the cat is huddled up, backed into a corner, or has its ears pinned down then it’s not likely to be feeling very comfortable. This can be a sign that the cat may need to acclimate to the dog in smaller doses.

In addition, the dog may be excited about meeting the cat, or they might not be a fan either. Most likely, the dog may try to play, while the cat doesn’t want to. When you notice that the dog has fixated upon the cat, it can be a good idea to distract them with another toy or activity.

Use Scent

If the first introduction doesn’t yield the best possible results, don’t worry! Oftentimes, it can simply be a matter of giving your pets some time to get used to one another. One thing that can really help with this is using the power of scent, which can help more than you might think!

One thing you can try is keeping the dog and cat in their own rooms, and then switching the rooms after a few days. This can allow pets to get used to each other’s scents without having to interact. As a result, it’s a more calming way for pets to acclimate to one another in a calm way.

Give it Time

The most important aspect of this whole process is to be patient. If you try to rush the introduction, then it can create more stress for all of the parties involved. This can also lead to more inappropriate behaviors or even fights.

As a result, it’s a good idea to stay calm during the process and take your time with each step. Don’t forget to take care of yourself at the same time! Keeping yourself feeling great can allow you to give the time and attention your pets need to create a happy home.

Additionally, there’s also a lot of upside with spending some time with our pets. Check the short video about some of the benefits:

It greatly improves health, mentally, physically and emotionally. Furthermore, it teaches us how to be responsible.

Allow For Breaks

When your pets appear annoyed with one another, it can be a good idea to separate them for a short period of time so that they can relax. In addition, this can be done through allowing both pets places to go where they can get away from each other.

This doesn’t have to be a punishment, either. For example, you can give your cat a cat tree or other place they can go to avoid the attention of your dog. Likewise, if you have an indoor cat then you can allow your dog time in the backyard to themselves.

Don’t Forget The Love!

Most importantly, share the love between your pets in equal measure. You’ll be able to help avoid problems with jealousy by making sure that both pets get a lot of love. Giving them both plenty of affection and exercise can also help to limit behavior problems.

Playing with your pets frequently can give them the exercise and fun they need in a positive way, so that when you want quiet time at home they’ll be more likely to relax. This can also help to avoid your cat and dog getting into squabbles with one another.


Overall, introducing your cat and dog doesn’t have to be a complicated thing! Just follow the steps slowly and carefully and give your pets plenty of time to get used to their environment. If you’re bringing a new cat into the home, you’ll also want to let them have some peace and quiet for a few days until they feel comfortable.

In time, your pets will be able to get along and live together peacefully. Just make sure to watch them carefully and make sure they are both comfortable, and address any problems before they have a chance to escalate.

What is the Difference Between Dog Food and Cat Food?

Not everyone is aware of the specific needs that both cats and dogs have with regard to their food. However, it’s important to be aware that you can’t simply give both pets the same kinds of diets, as it can result in some serious problems for one of the animals. To help you with getting a deeper understanding of what your pets need, we’re going to take a look at the difference between dog food and cat food. 

We’ll also discuss why it’s important to not only make sure pets get the right type of food for their species, but also for their ages.

What are the Differences?

Cat food

Cats are what we consider to be true carnivores, which means that they primarily need to eat meat products. Their bodies are designed to get what they need from meat sources, whereas omnivores and herbivores can also use plant sources.

Some examples of vitamins that cats need are niacin, taurine, arachidonic acid and vitamin A. While other animals may be able to get some of their requirements for these vitamins from plants, cats have to get them from meat. Their bodies just aren’t made to be able to get Vitamin A from the kinds of fruits and vegetables that we might.

As a result, it’s very important for cats to eat food that is able to meet their specific needs. Otherwise they can have problems with vision, heart issues, hair loss and more. It’s also important to keep in mind that cats tend to be pickier about their food texture than other animals as well. As a result, you can’t just feed your cat any old food.

It is best that you’d know the ideal diet for cats and the sorts of food cats can eat.

Dog food

Unlike cats, dogs have the ability to get some of their nutrients from plant sources. You can also try to find other types of supplements to help your dog out with it’s nutritional needs and immunity such as ​glucosamine for dogs

This makes things like niacin and vitamin A easier for them to get, and often results in some vegetables added into their food. While much of it is still meat-based, you may also find that things like carrots are in the food as well.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that dogs don’t often tend to be picky, their food can be just about any texture and they’ll still woof it down if they like the flavor. In addition, dogs also typically need less protein in their diet than cats do.

Can they swap?

The answer to this is a solid no. While cats and dogs may seem similar, they have diet requirements that are very different. As a result, feeding your cat dog food can result in some serious health problems, even including the cat going completely blind.

This is because cats aren’t going to be able to get their nutrients from the vegetables often found in dog food, so even if there is enough of a nutrient like vitamin A, cats won’t be able to get the benefits from it because it’s not coming from a meat source.

Dogs may be more likely to handle cat food better than cats can handle dog food, but it still isn’t recommended. There really are a number of reasons why cat food and dog food exist in separate markets. It’s really not just to make you spend more money!

Also Consider Life Stages

On top of ensuring that pets get the right food for their species, you’ll want to make sure they’re getting the correct food for the stage of life they are in. For example, there are some different food options out there available for kittens, adult cats and senior cats.

While it may not be as important as making sure you feed cat food to your cat, there are some differences that make these life stage foods helpful. For example, kitten food may be likely to have more fats and proteins to help them grow while senior cat food may contain nutrients to help maintain the health of areas that can begin to fail with old age, or even provide some joint help so that older cats can stay active.

The same is true for dogs, which means it’s a good idea to make sure you give your puppy, adult dog or senior dog the right food for their age. Pets who get the exact nutrients they need can live healthier, happier and even longer lives because they’ll be getting what their body needs. This is especially important for senior pets, as they need the extra boost for the longest, happiest life possible.

Still Not Sure?

If you still have concerns about the type of food your pet needs, you have a number of options to get you going in the right direction. You can do plenty of research and look into different methods and brands. Some even choose to make their own pet food.

Another option you have is to talk to your pet’s veterinarian. They are going to be the expert on providing food options for your pet. Having studied the needs of animal bodies, they’ll make sure that your individual pet is able to get all the nutrients they need for a healthy body.

The latter is going to be the absolute best option, especially if the vet can provide food for you. While cat or dog food purchased at the veterinarian may be more expensive, it’s often a lot healthier for your pets and can even help to resolve certain kinds of health issues.

Below is a short video about the foods that are toxic for cats and dogs:

This will greatly help you distinguish which foods are harmful and safe for your pets.


The main point of this article is that it’s generally not a good idea to have your cats and dogs eating the same food, as one or the other is likely to not get what they need. Cats especially need a lot of nutrients that just can’t be found in dog food, and that can mean poor health for your pet.

Important note and to keep in mind that water is essential for our pets as well.

Your veterinarian can also be a great resource for helping you to find the perfect food for your unique pet. They may also be able to provide the ideal food for you, which can allow you to rest assured that your cat or dog is eating something healthy and delicious.

15 Beautiful Black Kittens

Are you one of those people who loves cats and kittens? Do you consider yourself a feline lover? There are lots of cat lovers out there but some are distinctively divided by colors and loves either black kittens or cats, white, brown, grey, etc. There are some that regardless of what color, they just can’t resist them.Long before, domesticated cats mainly have colors of black and white and the combination of the two. Persian cats and Siamese cats are two of the few oldest breeds of cats which colors vary from black and white and a few of them that have gray.Black is a dominant cat color which brings out the brightness and the sharpness of the cat’s eye. It’s like looking at the night skies with two bright moons glaring down the earth. That’s why black cats or black kittens are highly regarded as the black passively boost the cat’s eye, creating a beautiful and mesmerizing scenery.

15 Wonderful Black Cats or Black Kittens

1. Spot

Spot is one of the cats that was able to transform from being feral to being a good and loving pet. Feral cats are hard to pet. There are some cases and ways to transform one but there’s no actual studies that shows how. Fortunately, Spot is one of the beautiful cats that has overcome the fear of being touched by humans. Check out Spot on his Instagram!

2. Indi

One of the fluffiest cat you’d see on the web and on Instagram is indigo the fluffy! Yeah, this is Indi. It is a Birman/Persian cat with fluffiness that comes from thick and beautiful hair.

3. Mamba

Meet Mamba! He’s a playful black cat with lots of fangs. I mean, fans. He is one of the cats given a chance to relive life as he was rescued out of a male shelter. Check out more Mamba and his fangs club!

4. Whisper

Whisper is a beautiful black cat and one of the most cutest black kitten back then when she was little. She’s happily living with her sister prudence but unfortunately, prudence can’t be included in our black cat list because of she’s a beautiful brown cat.

5. Willow

Awhhh.. Just like his name, willow, it sounds and looks like something soft and squishy. The cat was rescued from a hoarder and breeder of cats who make a living off them. Now, she’s living happily like any other cats deserves to be. Find willow on Instagram.

6. Ros

This is the perfect picture for the well-known moon of Colombia. A black cat with yellow eyes in the shadows of the sun. Ros is a travelling cat, living life in places to places.

7. Bronte and Chloe

On this picture, Bronte is on the right with green eyes and Chloe is the one on the left with yellow eyes. They might have the same breed and color but the eyes are distinctively beautiful with their own unique characteristics. Find out more about Bronte and Chloe.

8. Sophie

Sophie is one of the most popular cat meowdels you can check out. Oh wait, models rather but meowdels did turn out great. However, she’s not just doing modelling on photo shoots, she is also a proud ambassador at

9. Guinness

This is Guinness. He is the black cat on the right side of the picture living in London. He now lives with his fellow cat Pimms(the brown cat). Both of them is a celebrity on Instagram where lots of followers can watch them play around. Check out more about Guinness and Pimms.

10. Edward

This is Edward. He has the coolest name ever, Edward Scissorpaws. He is a rescued cat and one of luckiest who has been given a chance to live their life like any cats deserves to. 

11. Princess Monster Truck

Who would have thought that looking so fierce can reel in huge number of fans and followers. This is Princess Monster Truck and she has recently made it to 300K milestone with Instagram followers.

12. Panther Pants

Cat modelling has been a trend of the generation recently but not all was able to make the cut. This right here is one of the luckiest stars managed and own by Jill. Check them out on Mr. Panther Pants!

13. Black Cat Mafia

Ain’t he the scariest cat gangster you’d ever see? This is the famous black cat mafia. He’s known to dress up in different Gangster and Mafia outfit where the most popular would be the one with the handkerchief on his neck.

14. Lipsy and Pu

It’s hard to believe that these two healthy and beautiful black cats are formerly strays. They are adopted cats from a shelter sometime about 2011. Check out more adorable moments of Lipsy and Pu on Instagram.

15. P-Chan

Can you say no to those two beautiful black large eyes? This is the irresistible beauty of P-Chan, a black kitten once who grew to be one of the most beautiful black cats with so many followers and supporters.


Black cats and kittens are just simply amazing. The shadiness and the dark color of the external layer of the cat just bring out the beauty of the eyes.It easily highlights and compliments and bright colors that the cat has.Some black cats have white highlight hairs located on areas of their body such as the chest, belly, tail, feet or legs.Pure black hair or black with some highlighting colors still shows the same beautiful and amazing results.Paired with those large, bright and beautiful cat’s eyes, it’s just tantalizing and mesmerizing.

You might also want to check out some of the best names for black cats to go along with the color and nature of your cat.

Best Cat Girl Anime – [Top 8 List with Reviews]

Are you a fan of nekomimi girls? These girls with cat ears are a little bit human, and a little bit cat. They have a lot of the same characteristics, including being both affectionate and independent at the same time.

They have a lot of the kitty characteristics that make cats so endearing to so many of us, including loads of kitty cat charm. Because they are so loved and popular, it’s no wonder that cat girls are featured in many different types of anime.

Relative to the video and our topic to be discussed, no two cat girls are quite alike.

They all have different features and appearances, and they all behave a bit differently from one another.

Some of them have the cat ears and tails, but tend to behave more like humans, while others are about as cat-like as you can get, right down to meowing instead of talking. Both types of cat girl anime characters are popular, and we are going to feature both in our list of some of the all-time best cat girl anime.

Shizuka Nekonome – Rosario to Vampire

In the universe known as Rosario to Vampire, there is a special school, the Yokai Academy. This very exclusive school is for monsters only, and our main cat girl, Shizuka Nekonome, is the protagonists’ homeroom teacher.

They don’t get more cat-like than Shizuka, who is about as laid back as any cat can get. She has the speed and reflexes of the quickest cat, and of course, her favorite food is fish. She does speak in a human tongue, but she also meows once in a while. She loves to have fun, and she definitely belongs on our list of the best cat girl anime.

Fan based socials you can follow:

Alicia Rue – Sword Art Online

This series takes place in the world of a video game, where there are many different humans and characters of other races that make up the colorful cast. Of course, there is a cat girl character, Alicia Rue. In fact, Alicia Rue is the queen of the cat people race, the Cait Sith, in the Sword Art Online universe. She holds a powerful position, and she is pretty fierce in battle, just as any self-respecting kitty cat should be. Because of her fierceness and power, she has gotten herself placed on our best cat girl anime list.

Fan based socials you can follow:

Yoriko Sagisawa – Da Capo

Now, there are cat girls that have a lot of human characteristics, and then there are cat girls that are more cat-like than human, such as the next character on our list, Yoriko Sagisawa. In fact, she was actually once a cat, who through magic, is turned into an alternate version of her owner, complete with cat ears, seeing as how she started out as a cat in the first place.

Because her owner was very introverted, Yoriko doesn’t really know many people, but when she gains a human body, she begins to explore the world around her. Just because she looks human, it doesn’t mean this classic cat girl anime acts like one.

Fan based socials you can follow:

Cyan Hijirikawa – Show by Rock!

Shy and quiet, Cyan Hijirikawa is a first-year high school student with a passion for music. Never speaking up for herself, she finds her life changing abruptly when she is suddenly transported into an alternate universe which just happens to be centered around the thing she loves the most, music. One of the main characters of the series, she is a member of the band Plasmagica, singing and playing the guitar. She wears a maid costume, along with nekomimi, and is a character that has earned herself a spot on our list.

Fan based socials you can follow:

Deijiko – Di Gi Charat

This could very well be the first cat girl, or any anime character, so say “nyo.” Cat girl Deijiko makes that sound at the end of each sentence she speaks, and rather than being annoying, it really is kind of cute. This cat girl wears a big bell and a cat-eared hat. Like all cats, she is rather self-centered, which makes her an enigma yet endearing at the same time. Deijiko even has her own cat girl sidekick, Puchiko. Because of her popularity, Deijiko had to have a place on our list.

Fan based socials you can follow:

Ichigo Momomiya – Tokyo Mew

What young girl doesn’t have her problems with boys, school, and just being a teenager? Well, try adding being a secret super to the mix, and you have a whole new mess of problems. This is just what Tokyo Mew deals with every day.

She and the rest of the Mew Mew Brigade have super hearing powers thanks to genetic splicing with cat DNA. Ichigo has her dramatic side, but for the most part, is a sweet girl who always looks out for her friends. Oddly, she is loyal like a dog, even though she is a cat girl. She only has her cat ears and tail when she is in the Magical Girl form, but she is the closest to a cat genetically than most, which is why she made this list.

Fan based socials you can follow:

Taruto – Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto

Anyone who loves cat girls is sure to love Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto, which features a race of cat girls who are pets to their human masters. Our main character, Taruto, is thought to be royalty, along with being a pet, and it is thought that she has some magical powers. This is one of those anime series where the cat girl is treated more like a cat than a person, and you will often hear Taruto making cat sounds along with her regular speech.

Fan based socials you can follow:

Nozomi – Mayoi Neko Overrun!

Last, but certainly not least, we have Tsuzuki Takumo, a high school student who, along with his sister, operates the Stray Cats bakery. One day, the kindly Tsuzuki takes in a stray cat (Nozomi), bringing her into the shop. The two don’t exactly hit it off too well at first, and it takes him a bit of time to earn this cat girl’s trust. But, she is a sweetie, and a cat girl who is very endearing to fans, putting her on our list.

Fan based socials you can follow:

Best Cat Ear Headphones – [Complete Reviews with Comparison]

Normal headphones are great, because after all, we all love listening to music. Sometimes we like to listen to music on our own with personal headphones, and sometimes we like to listen to it in groups, such as at a party. However, up until now, there have not been many gadgets which work as both personal headphones and group-oriented speakers, yet this has changed with the best cat ear headphones.

These are cat ear headphones which you can turn from personal headphones to a full-fledged speaker with the flick of a switch. Today we are here to help you find the best cat ear headphones out there.

Top 5 Cat Ear Headphones Comparison Chart

Top Pick
Brookstone Wireless Cat Ear Headphones Bluetooth Headset (Color Changing)
Runner Up
MindKoo Bluetooth Headphones Over-Ear Wireless Headphones Cat Ear Headphones with LED Light Foldable Built-in Microphone and Volume Control for PC Cell Phones Kids Teenager Boys Girls Adults Hot Pink
Cat Ear Headphones, Hearing Protection Kids Headphones Barsone Wired Foldable On-Ear Headsets with LED Glowing Light 3.5mm Audio Jack Headset for Children (Black)
Censi Music Headset Headphone Creative Cat Ear Stereo Over-Ear Game Gaming Bass Headset Noise Canceling Headband Earphone for ipad, PC, iPhone and Android Smartphones (White, Wired)
Budget Choice
[Upgrade] iClever Kids Headphones Boys - Cat Ear Hello Kitty Wired Headphones for Kids with MIC, Adjustable 85/94dB Volume Control - Toddler Headphones on Ear for School School Tablet, Black/Blue
Brookstone Wireless Cat Ear Headphones Bluetooth Headset (Color Changing)
MindKoo Bluetooth Headphones Over-Ear Wireless Headphones Cat Ear Headphones with LED Light Foldable Built-in Microphone and Volume Control for PC Cell Phones Kids Teenager Boys Girls Adults Hot Pink
Cat Ear Headphones, Hearing Protection Kids Headphones Barsone Wired Foldable On-Ear Headsets with LED Glowing Light 3.5mm Audio Jack Headset for Children (Black)
Censi Music Headset Headphone Creative Cat Ear Stereo Over-Ear Game Gaming Bass Headset Noise Canceling Headband Earphone for ipad, PC, iPhone and Android Smartphones (White, Wired)
[Upgrade] iClever Kids Headphones Boys - Cat Ear Hello Kitty Wired Headphones for Kids with MIC, Adjustable 85/94dB Volume Control - Toddler Headphones on Ear for School School Tablet, Black/Blue
Bluetooth enabled devices
Bluetooth enabled devices
Standard 3.5mm headphone jack
Standard 3.5mm headphone jack
Standard 3.5mm headphone jack
Editor's Rating
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
Top Pick
Brookstone Wireless Cat Ear Headphones Bluetooth Headset (Color Changing)
Brookstone Wireless Cat Ear Headphones Bluetooth Headset (Color Changing)
Bluetooth enabled devices
Editor's Rating
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Runner Up
MindKoo Bluetooth Headphones Over-Ear Wireless Headphones Cat Ear Headphones with LED Light Foldable Built-in Microphone and Volume Control for PC Cell Phones Kids Teenager Boys Girls Adults Hot Pink
MindKoo Bluetooth Headphones Over-Ear Wireless Headphones Cat Ear Headphones with LED Light Foldable Built-in Microphone and Volume Control for PC Cell Phones Kids Teenager Boys Girls Adults Hot Pink
Bluetooth enabled devices
Editor's Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Cat Ear Headphones, Hearing Protection Kids Headphones Barsone Wired Foldable On-Ear Headsets with LED Glowing Light 3.5mm Audio Jack Headset for Children (Black)
Cat Ear Headphones, Hearing Protection Kids Headphones Barsone Wired Foldable On-Ear Headsets with LED Glowing Light 3.5mm Audio Jack Headset for Children (Black)
Standard 3.5mm headphone jack
Editor's Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Censi Music Headset Headphone Creative Cat Ear Stereo Over-Ear Game Gaming Bass Headset Noise Canceling Headband Earphone for ipad, PC, iPhone and Android Smartphones (White, Wired)
Censi Music Headset Headphone Creative Cat Ear Stereo Over-Ear Game Gaming Bass Headset Noise Canceling Headband Earphone for ipad, PC, iPhone and Android Smartphones (White, Wired)
Standard 3.5mm headphone jack
Editor's Rating
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Budget Choice
[Upgrade] iClever Kids Headphones Boys - Cat Ear Hello Kitty Wired Headphones for Kids with MIC, Adjustable 85/94dB Volume Control - Toddler Headphones on Ear for School School Tablet, Black/Blue
[Upgrade] iClever Kids Headphones Boys - Cat Ear Hello Kitty Wired Headphones for Kids with MIC, Adjustable 85/94dB Volume Control - Toddler Headphones on Ear for School School Tablet, Black/Blue
Standard 3.5mm headphone jack
Editor's Rating
4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Best Cat Ear Headphones Reviews

1. Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones

Brookstone Wireless Cat Ear Headphones Bluetooth Headset (Color Changing)

These are some very neat looking cat ear headphones. This particular set is quite new and advanced, yet it comes in at a surprisingly affordable price. It is not the fanciest pair of headphones in the world, but they have some really cool features and they definitely get the job done.

Product Highlights

The Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones feature good headphone audio with a 20Hz to 10KHz frequency. The headphones feature 40 mm drivers with 32 Ohm impedance. On the other hand, the cat ear speakers that can be selected with the flick of a switch feature 32 mm drivers with a 200HZ to 18 KHz frequency. In other words, they feature pretty good sound quality all around, with the headphones being a bit better than speakers. The really neat part here is that you can use just the headphones, just the speakers, or both together if you so choose.

In terms of the style, these definitely look the part, as they have lights which change colors. You can actually choose from close to a dozen different colors to match your outfit, mood, or whatever else needs matching. Now, the Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones are Bluetooth compatible with any Bluetooth device out there, so you do not need to worry about wiring. However, in case battery life or connectivity is an issue, there is a 4 foot headphone cable included.

In terms of the battery life, these headphones last for about 5 hours, less if you are using the speakers, and even less if you are using the speakers together with the headphones. In terms of cat ear speakers, this is not too bad, but of course, 5 hours is not that long either. Thankfully they do come with a charging cable and they don’t take long to charge.

The headphones feature pretty good sound quality and exceptional bass, because they do come with noise-cancelling qualities. They are also said to be quite comfortable to wear thanks to lots of padding. The cushioning is nice, but keep in mind that these headphones are fairly heavy and bulky. With that being said, another convenient aspect here is that they come with a built-in microphone, so you can take calls from your smartphone when connected via Bluetooth.

What’s to like about the Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones

For one, we like how the Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones are fairly inexpensive. Next, the sound quality of the headphones is pretty darn good, if we do say so ourselves. The changing lights, while generally unnecessary, are pretty cool. The fact that you can use the headphones and speakers together is also pretty neat.

What’s not to like about the Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones

The speakers themselves do not have the best sound quality, but considering the low price, this is to be expected. Also, the battery life of the Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones could be better.


  • checkGood headphone sound quality
  • checkNoise-cancelling headphones
  • checkCan use speakers and headphones independently or together


  • Not the best speakers
  • Not the best battery life
  • A little big and bulky


2. Mindkoo Kids Cat Ear Headphones

MindKoo Bluetooth Headphones Over-Ear Wireless Headphones Cat Ear Headphones with LED Light Foldable Built-in Microphone and Volume Control for PC Cell Phones Kids Teenager Boys Girls Adults Hot Pink

While these are fairly decent cat ear headphones, do keep in mind that they are only headphones and do not serve as speakers. Also, while they are very inexpensive, you should also keep in mind that their size is intended for children and people with small heads. They are pretty good headphones in general, but just not very advanced.

Product Highlights

For one, these headphones are specifically designed for children, which is not a bad thing, but needs to be mentioned none the less. They are made with very durable plastic and can bend and twist to various angles, which helps ensure that your kids will not break them. Their size is ideal for children and small people, but they are pretty flexible, so you could probably fit your head inside of them. They are also built to be quite comfortable, as they have ample soft padding, which is great for both kids and adults.

What is cool about the Mindkoo Kids Cat Ear Headphones is that there are various different light modes to choose from. They glow, they flash, you can choose what they do, and they even glow in various colors, something that most kids should really like.

They are also quite small and compact, plus lightweight too. Kids have small heads, so having compact and lightweight headphones is pretty important. They even fold down into a neat little package for easy storage. The fact that these headphones come with a microphone for making calls is pretty convenient.

Moreover, the Mindkoo Kids Cat Ear Headphones are Bluetooth compatible with many different devices, which is nice because wireless listening always beats those annoying cords.

If you are listening to these wirelessly, the battery can last for up to 10 hours, or about 5 hours if all LED lights are on. However, so you do not have to worry about battery life as much, they also come with a 3.5 mm audio jack, in which case the battery will last for an unlimited amount of time as long as the LED lights are off, or about 16 hours with the lights on. Now, while these have decent sound quality, especially consideringtheir low price, they do not excel in terms of volume or bass.

What’s to like about the Mindkoo Kids Cat Ear Headphones

We like how the Mindkoo Kids Cat Ear Headphones are built tough and comfortable, both important features where kids are concerned. They also seem to have a fairly good battery life, they glow, they have a microphone, and they look cool in general.

What’s not to like about the Mindkoo Kids Cat Ear Headphones

One of the only drawbacks here is that these particular cat ear headphones do not have the best sound quality around, and they certainly are not that loud. Also, they will not fit people who have large heads.


  • checkGood battery life
  • checkCool glowing effect
  • checkVery durable


  • Not ideal for adults
  • Not the best sound quality
  • Hair tends to get stuck in the hinges


3. Barsone Kids Cat Ear Headphones

Cat Ear Headphones, Hearing Protection Kids Headphones Barsone Wired Foldable On-Ear Headsets with LED Glowing Light 3.5mm Audio Jack Headset for Children (Black)

This is another small, affordable, comfortable, and durable pair of cat ear headphones for children. Keep in mind that these headphones are wired, they do not have fancy features, but they are durable and comfy, plus inexpensive too, making them a pretty good option for kids.

Product Highlights

First and foremost, the Barsone Kids Cat Ear Headphones are wired headphones. They do not feature wireless or Bluetooth capabilities, as they only have the standard audio jack cable. This is actually a good thing because it means that they can connect to pretty much every device except for the newest iPhones which no longer have audio jacks. It’s good because you never have to worry about connectivity, compatibility, or about running out of battery, all things which are beneficial where kids are concerned.

Furthermore, as far as the headphones themselves are concerned, they produce quality sound. Parents will like that these headphones come with a volume restrictor which tops out at 85 decibels, which means that these headphones are safe for children’s ears and will not damage hearing. With that being said, although they are not the loudest headphones around, they do feature fairly good overall sound quality. No, the quality is not the best in the world, but for the low price at which they come, you really cannot expect much more.

The Barsone Kids Cat Ear Headphones are built to be quite durable, which is important because children often drop, step on, and break things. Once again, it is not like they are made of space-age materials, but they are tough enough to withstand some punishment.

At the same time, they are also built to be quite soft, as they feature lots of padding and are not too tight, both which are also important for kids. We like how the TPE material is fairly environment friendly. The headphones are also foldable, which makes them fairly compact and easy to carry around, a good feature for when mom or dad has to carry them.

What’s to like about the Barsone Kids Cat Ear Headphones

We like how these cat ear headphones are built very tough and fairly comfortable. We don’t want our kids breaking them and we don’t want them complaining about how they are uncomfortable. As far as kids are concerned, one of the best features of the Barsone Kids Cat Ear Headphones is that they limit volume to protect hearing. Never having to worry about battery life is also an advantage.

What’s not to like about the Barsone Kids Cat Ear Headphones

Ok, so the Barsone Kids Cat Ear Headphones have hinges which may snag hair on occasion. Also, to be perfectly honest, although the sound quality is good enough for the price, it is nothing special nonetheless. You cannot crank up the bass on these things. Also, not coming with speakers is kind of a drag, and not having wireless capabilities can be seen as a drawback too.


  • checkFoldable and compact
  • checkLightweight and well-padded
  • checkNever have to worry about battery life


  • Does not allow for wireless use
  • No speakers
  • Limited sound quality


4. Censi Cat Ear Headphones

Censi Music Headset Headphone Creative Cat Ear Stereo Over-Ear Game Gaming Bass Headset Noise Canceling Headband Earphone for ipad, PC, iPhone and Android Smartphones (White, Wired)

If you are an adult and need good cat ear headphones for gaming, movies, and listening to music, ones with great sound quality, these Censi Cat Ear Headphones might just be the best way to go. They do not cost that much, which for the quality delivered is quite impressive.

Product Highlights

First and foremost, if you need over-the-ear headphones with great sound quality, these are a fantastic option to keep in mind. They have an excellent frequency range, big impedance, and overall great sound quality. When it comes to listing to loud music and games, having clear treble, and a whole lot of deep bass, you will not find cat ear headphones much better than the Censi Cat Ear Headphones.

If there is one good thing to say about these headphones, it is that they sound great. They even come with noise-cancelling abilities, so you hear only what you want to hear without outside interference to distract you.

The Censi Cat Ear Headphones are wireless and Bluetooth, which means that they rely heavily on connectivity and battery life. With that being said, they can easily pair with pretty much any Bluetooth-compatible device in just a few seconds.

In terms of battery life, they do quite well as they can last for about 10 hours, and they are easy and quick to recharge as well. They come with an optional audio line, so you can plug them into an audio jack when needed, which is a bit of a life saver if you are using a device that does not have Bluetooth or if you forgot to charge the Censi Cat Ear Headphones.

We like how the Censi Cat Ear Headphones feature removable cat ears that can be replaced with other compatible things. This is not a huge deal, but a feature worth mentioning none the less. They are also quite comfortable to wear, but keep in mind that their durability is limited, so do not be too rough with them.

What’s to like about the Censi Cat Ear Headphones

The good part about these headphones, the best part without question, is that they feature excellent noise-cancellation abilities, awesome bass, and great all-around sound quality. They are also quite comfortable, plus they have long battery life.

What’s not to like about the Censi Cat Ear Headphones

One thing that needs to be said about the Censi Cat Ear Headphones is that they are not very durable. Do not drop or step on them as they probably will not survive. Also, the distance of the Bluetooth signal is relatively short.


  • checkGreat sound quality
  • checkNoise cancelling
  • checkGood connectivity and compatibility


  • Not very durable
  • Bluetooth signal distance is limited
  • The right headphone tends to blow out fast


5. iClever Kids Headphones

[Upgrade] iClever Kids Headphones Boys - Cat Ear Hello Kitty Wired Headphones for Kids with MIC, Adjustable 85/94dB Volume Control - Toddler Headphones on Ear for School School Tablet, Black/Blue

If you need some super inexpensive headphones for your kids, these ones from iClever are a good choice to go with. They are cheap, durable, and comfortable, plus of course built for kids. Keep in mind that the sound quality here is mediocre.

Product Highlights

In all fairness, these are some very simple over-the-ear cat headphones for kids. First of all, to protect your children’s hearing, these headphones come with a noise regulator which tops out at 85 decibels. In other words, the iClever Kids Headphones are designed specifically so your kids will not go deaf. With that being said, they do have an OK sound quality, but it is really nothing special at all. They don’t have awesome bass or anything like that.

However, what is good about the iClever Kids Headphones is that they are built very tough. They are made out of extremely tough and bendable plastic that will not crack or break just because your kids are a little rough with them. On that same note, they are also built small and lightweight so that they don’t weigh your kid’s head down. Moreover, they can fold down into a neat little package for easy storing.

The iClever Kids Headphones also feature good padding which is very soft. This is good because it doesn’t crush or hurt your children’s ears. These headphones feature a 3.5 mm cable and are not Bluetooth compatible. While this may not be ideal for adults, as far as kids are concerned, this is more than good enough. While they are not wireless, the big benefit here is that you never need to worry about battery life.

What’s to like about the iClever Kids Headphones

The good part about these headphones is that they are regulated to protect the hearing of your children. They are also very comfortable, portable, and durable too.

What’s not to like about the iClever Kids Headphones

The sound quality of the iClever Kids Headphones is just not very good. Moreover, they do not allow for any kind of wireless connection.


  • checkDurable and built to last
  • checkLightweight and portable
  • checkNever have to worry about battery life


  • No wireless option
  • List Element
  • Not the best sound quality



Let’s quickly take a look at some of the most important factors and aspects to keep in mind when you are purchasing cat ear headphones.

Key Feature 1: Type

When you buy headphones, you can buy in-ear headphones and over-the-ear headphones. You can also buy over-the-ear cat ear headphones with built-in external speakers. The choice is also between kids’ and adult headphones, and between regular and gaming headphones too.

Key Feature 2: Compatibility

Are the headphones you are looking at compatible with MP3 players, smartphones, your computer, and your tablet?

Key Feature 3: Connectivity

How do the headphones connect to your device? Do they use a wireless Bluetooth connection, are they wired, or can they do both?

Key Feature 4: Sound

How loud can the headphones go? Do the headphones have noise-cancelling qualities? Do they have good bass and treble?

Key Feature 5: Performance Monitor

How well do the headphones connect to your device? Is the connection good? Do the headphones cancel outside noise? What is the battery life like?

Key Feature 6: Mods

Can the cat ears be taken off and replaced with something else? Do the cat ear headphones in question have external speakers?


How much are cat ear headphones?

It really depends on the sound quality, the materials used, and who they are intended for. You can find low end models for as little as $20, with some really high-end models coming closer to $200.

How to set up cat ear headphones?

If they are wired, simply plug them into your device. If they are Bluetooth compatible, just follow the simple pairing instructions.

How to fix cat ear headphones?

Generally speaking, when headphones break, they are broken. Usually it will cost more to fix headphones than it will to just buy new ones.

How to use cat ear headphones?

You can use them just like any other headphones. Connect them to your device, turn the music on, and put the headphones on your head. If they feature external speakers, there will be a switch to choose between private and group listening.

How to turn off cat ear headphones?

Strictly wired cat ear headphones usually do not need to be turned on or off, just like regular headphones. Ones that use Bluetooth often just come with an easy to use on/off switch.


If we had to recommend one single pair when it comes to the best cat ear headphones, it would definitely have to be the Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones.

Brookstone Wireless Cat Ear Headphones Bluetooth Headset (Color Changing)
  • Premium wireless headphones for private listening
  • External cat ear speakers for sharing music
  • Pairs wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled device
  • Independently controlled color-changing accent lights
  • Rechargeable via USB--up to 5 hours playing time per charge

They combine headphones and speakers into one, they are durable, they are comfortable, and they are compatible with pretty much every device, plus they have great sound quality as well.

This goes well with your other cat apparels or looks great in photos along with your cat’s wonderful cat costumes.

37 Amazingly Beautiful Cats To See

One of the great things about cat is that regardless of their gender, they are distinctively beautiful compared to other types of pet. In fact, beautiful cats isn’t just specific to one breed.

Fairly all breeds of cat have their own characteristics that makes them stand out among the rest.

Cats are greatly adored since the ancient times and have always been treated with great admiration and respect.

Here are some of the beautiful cats where some are brought about by their unique characteristics and traits.

1. Odd-Eyed Cat

This beautiful cat is brought to you by There is something remarkable and mesmerizing watching having those pretty and beautiful, odd eyes watch you.

2. The Korat Cat

Korat cats usually have gray colored fur. There are some cases of brown and black korat cats but they are extremely rare. The korat cat is a sexy, short-haired cat that’s really beautiful and gentle to look at. Credits to CatPictPedia.

3. Blue Eyed British Longhair – Kiki

Meet this beautiful cat, Queen Kiki! That’s right. It’s from one famous persona in Drake’s song, “In My Feelings”. This would make it the Kiki Cat Challenge 🙂 Cute name for a beautiful blue eyed cat from Britivana at

4. Black and White Norwegian 

Norwegian cats by very nature are strong and beautiful types of cat. The cat’s posture along with the hair will really take your breathe away, adding to that would be the rare black and white color. Credits to

5. Champy Wampy

This is Champ. Just one of the few beautiful cats entry in the photo contest event of Modern Cat.

6. Adorable Two-Faced Persian Kitten

It’s not actually two-faced but rather looks like it. Coincidentally, half of the hair covering its face is black and half is light brown, creating a two-faced appearance. Regardless, it’s one of the beautiful coincidence of nature. Image from

7. The Abandoned Cat

This cat was abandoned and found alone in the grasses long ago when it was still a kitten. Who would have thought that it would turned out so beautiful as it grew. Catch the full details on Love Meow.

8. Billy

Who said being a male cat wouldn’t make you sexy and beautiful? Meet billy from Sparrows Nightmare

9. Princess Aurora

One of the most beautiful princesses I’ve ever seen. Meet Princess Aurora – Instagram@aurorapurr – AuroraPurr.

10. Fashionista Cat

Who says cats can’t pull it off? Amazing outfit of the day. Check out Pitzush & Shaya at Instagram@pussinglam – Pussinglam.

11. Meet Smoothie

She may look calm and smooth as the name goes accordingly but this queen is the legend. She’s beautiful, charming and elegant. Check her out at Instagram@smoothiethecat – Smoothie The Cat.

12. Cute and Adorable Snoopy

This is Snoopy. You might think that it’s just a newly groomed Persian cat but basically, it’s a shorthaired version of persian cats, exotic-shorthair. You can find this cute and adorable cat at Instagram@snoopybabe – Snoopy Babe.

13. The French Cat – Crenn

Crenn grew and lives in France. She’s a celebrity cat on Instagram and has so many pleased and amazed followers. Who wouldn’t? She’s a queen. Gentle, smart and beautiful. Check her out at Instagram@soazigcrenn – Crenn.

14. The Two-Faced Cat – Venus

Nature never fails to amaze us with it’s coincidental occurrences. Venus is just one of the few cats with rare color patterns and combination. Check out more of Venus at Instagram@venustwofacecat – Venus – Two Face Cat.

15. Coby The Cat

Coby is a cat superstar. Beautiful, tantalizing, popular and just so adorable. And Coby’s just a perfect name for a cat. Check Coby out at Instagram@cobythecat – Coby The Cat.

16. White Pearl Persian Cat

This white and pearly Persian cat is just one of the few cats owned by They are perfectly bred, maintaining a long line of genuine, beautiful and strong blooded Persian Cats. Check some more of their cats at Instagram@pearlypersians – Pearly Persians.

17. Hosico

This is Hosico. A popular yet shy type cat who loves to eat, sleep and play. He’s a male cat about 4 years old but who said boys can’t be beautiful eh? Check Hosico out at Instagram@hosico_cat – Hosico Cat

18. Thor – The Bengal Cat

Like with the God of Thunder, this cat will struck lightning and would stun you with its beauty. Thor is a celebrity cat on Instagram with thousands of followers adoring. See more of Thor The Bengal at Instagram@bengalthor.

19. Horned Cat

This cat might be mistaken for another animal or even a Pokemon. LOL. It has unique horn-like fur growing on its ears. It somehow creates a majestic imagery of a cat. Image from by user – InboxMeYourKittyCats.

20. Caracal Cat

Some of the beautiful cats can be seen in the wild. This is the Caracal Cat. It is distinctively known with its long, pointy, black ears. There are some Caracal cats that have been domesticated and breed.

21. Nala

This is Nala cat. She’s mesmerizing with those pretty blue ocean eyes. She’s a lovely cat that’s been quite known to be popular, with so many fans and followers. See more of her at Instagram@nala_cat – Nala_Cat.

22. Luna

Look at how beautiful and adorable those eyes are? Reminds me of Puss in Boots if you have watched the movie animation. Anyways, this cat is called Luna. She’s a Scottish-fold mix about 2 to 3 years old. Check out more about her at Instagram@hello_luna_rose – Luna Rose.

23. BenBen

This cat may not be the prettiest cat you’ve seen but it’s more likely to be the humblest looking cat, making him a beautiful one. Just look at how humble and calm those eyes and face. His name is Benben. Check him out at Instagram@benbencatcat – Benben Cat.

24. Pudge

Here’s another two-faced, rare, beautiful and cuddly cat. This is Pudge. Just look at that pudgy face that we all want to squeeze and cuddle with. It is one of the oldest popular cat today, around 7 years of age. Check and follow Pudge at Instagram@pudgethecat – Pudge.

25. Oscar

Meet Oskar. He may not be physically beautiful or handsome but he is certainly charming on the inside. Oskar is blind. However, it doesn’t seem to stop him from living the best days of his life. Check and support Oskar! You’d find him at Instagram@oskar_the_blind_cat – Oskar the Blind Cat.

26. Alice & Finnegan

Meet the dynamic duo, Alice and Finnegan. They are Siberian Lynx Point Cat and they live alongside their dog best friend, Oliver. They have perfect fur, blue ocean eyes and breath taking glare. You can see more of Alice and Finnegan on Instagram@pitterpatterfurryfeet – Alice and Finnegan.

27. Zac and Harvey

Who said two male cats can live terribly with another? Meet Zac and Harvey. They are cute, smart and beautiful and happily enjoys the company of each other. They have many fans and followers. Check them out at Instagram@zacandharvey – Zac and Harvey.

28. Cliff

This is how beautiful Siberian Cats are. This cat is called Cliff. It is a male cat with blue eyes with wide black pupils. The white fur color boasts the details of his eyes, making him very attractive to look at. You can find Cliff on – Call Me Cliff.

29. Frida and Oskar

There’s something about these cats that makes it relaxing to look at. The feeling of being at ease seems brings about how loving cats could be with their other half or partner. Find out more about Frida and Oskar through their Instagram account @frida_and_oskar or Frida and Oskar.

30. Fuji and Elton

There’s really something to watch when it comes to main coons. Those long, elegant and sharp-looking fur really catches an eye. This main coon pair is Fuji and Elton.

31. Chacha

Awhhhh! Can you tolerate this face? Can you even get mad at her? I guess not. This is baby Chacha. She is an Exotic Shorthair cat from HK. You can check her out on Instagram here – Instagram@chacha_meow.

32. Harry and Izzy

This pair of bengal cats is called Harry and Izzy. They look much cuter on this photo as this was taken way back when  they were young. Today, they have grown into a strong and beautiful cats. Check them out at Harry and Izzy – @harryandizzybengals.

33. Grace

Just like her name, she is full of grace. Maine coon never fails to impress. Those sharp, yellow and elegant eyes along with those long and nice hair really brings a wonderful scenery to look at. Find out more about grace here!

34. Ferit

Wait, let me take a selfie.. LOL! Ferit seems rather shocked of how marvelous he looks. He is a Scottish Fold cat, about a year old and remarkably smart and handsome. Learn more about Ferit by following him here!

35. Spot

This is spot. It is actually a really great name for a black cat. As his name goes with his beauty, you can easily SPOT him! You can also spot him here!

36. Scooter

Did you ever saw a cat much blacker than this? He is scooter! He’s a beautiful black cat with just a hint of white fur on its chest. The yellow eyes and dark pupils really creates a great eye-to-fur color combination. Find out more of Scooter on his Instagram account – @scootertheblackcat.

37. Sophie

Lastly, meet the lovely black cat, Sophie! She is an aspiring and dedicated meowdel if you know what I mean 🙂 You can check out Sophie’s website here! Facebook Page here and Instagram account here!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whether the cat have colors, traits, characteristics or breed that differs from what you want, doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful. What happens to be unsatisfactory to you may be remarkably outstanding for the other. It’s all a matter of perspective.

In addition, cats are naturally smart and beautiful. They have been adored for so many years that dates back in the ancient early years where cats have been looked upon as Gods and Goddesses.

What is the Best Diet for Cats?

Everyone has their own opinion on what is the best type of diet for their cats, but in many instances, they are completely wrong. Cats need a good combination of proteins and other nutrients in order to be healthy and happy, and these nutrients must come from healthy dietary sources. Obviously, cats are carnivores, so their diets are mainly meat, fish, and poultry based. But really, what is the best diet for cats?

They also have some vegetables in their diets, whether they get it from their regular food or from their prey (or to be more exact, from what their prey eats). Today we are going to take a look at what cats really need in their diet, and the type of diets that is best suited for cats.

What does Your Cat Need?

Cats need plenty of fat and protein in their diets, and the best diet would be a mix of 26 percent protein and 40 percent fat. Unfortunately, many cat food brands do not meet these requirements, especially the less-expensive brands. It is important to check the nutritional information on the labels to make sure that your cat is going to get the fat and protein they need.

Another option is to start giving your cat a diet of homemade food that you make yourself. It will improve the quality of their diet, and you will be in control over all of the ingredients that go into it. While this is often healthier for cats, it is only healthier if you are providing them with the right nutrients. So, before embarking on making your own cat food, it is important to do your research so you understand all of the nutrients your cat needs, and which ingredients have these nutrients and are safe for them to eat. You should know that there are some foods a cat can eat and cannot.

Whenever you alter a cat’s diet, there are going to be a few digestive issues in the beginning. This is also true when you switch them over to a natural diet. It is better to wean them off store-bought food over time, by combining wet food, dry food, and homemade food. Over time, give them less and less of the regular wet food, and more and more of the homemade (more about homemade cat food later in this article).

Dry Feed is Important

Even if you are giving your cat a homemade diet, it is still important that they have regular access to dry food, even if it is store bought. They need this for various reasons, dental health in particular. It can help to prevent the buildup of plaque on the teeth. But, you need to be careful about the kind of dry feed that you give to your cat.

A lot of dry feed, particularly the cheaper varieties, is low quality, and they contain ingredients that are not healthy. They are also too high in fat, which can lead to obesity in your cat. The type of dry feed you give your cat depends on the stage of their life, as nutritional requirements will change throughout the years, just as they do with people.

Additionally, dry food seems a bit rough to swallow at times for our cats so it’s perfectly appropriate not to forget providing a lot of drinking water for our cats.

Growing Cats

Cats that are still growing and developing need dry feed that is high in protein and fat. Better quality feeds will also contain vitamin supplements, as well as additional calcium for growing bones and teeth.

Adult Cats

Adult cats do not need as much fat in their diets as kittens, so the dry feed you choose should be high quality, and have the proper amount of fat for an adult cat (about 40 percent). Neutered males require dry feed that contains little to no ash. Feed that is high in ash can lead to kidney troubles in adult male cats.

Older Cats

Older cats need even less protein and fat than younger adult cats, so look for dry feed that contains less of these nutrients. This is because older cats do not get a lot of exercise, and they are much more sedentary than their younger counterparts. If they were to have food that is high in fat and protein, there is a risk of obesity.

More on Homemade Cat Diets

There are a lot of arguments about whether or not homemade diets are healthy for cats. With more and more pet owners choosing to make their pet food, this is a topic that bears discussion. First of all, when made properly, it is much healthier for cats to eat homemade food than it is for them to eat some concoction out of a can. But, as mentioned earlier, you need to really know what your pet needs in the way of nutrients before you can start making food.

In addition to using ingredients that have nutrients cats need, you also need to make sure that you are using ingredients that your cat will actually eat. Many cats do enjoy eating vegetables, but for some cats, if you put too many veggies in their food, they are just going to turn their noses up at it. Also, what are you going to use for healthy filler? The food can’t be made entirely from meat and vegetables. One of the most popular fillers for homemade cat food is rice, because cats like it and it is loaded with nutrients.

The video below will help you make a healthy homemade cat food at home:

Until you are well-versed in the ingredients, and the measurements, for a healthy homemade diet for cats, it is best to only supplement your cat’s diet with homemade food for the first little while. This will give you some time for a bit of trial and error, and your cat will still get the nutrients they need from the store-bought food.


Whether you feed your cat a homemade diet or give them food that comes from the store, make sure that it has the nutrients your cat needs at every stage of their life. If you are unsure about what to feed your cat, you can ask your veterinarian for dietary tips for all stages of a cat’s life. Don’t forget to ask about homemade diets, and ask for ingredient recommendations.