Burmilla Cats: The Ultimate Guide to their History, Types, Characteristics, Temperament, and Care

burmilla cats

When it comes to shopping around for a purebred cat, you need to weigh your decisions carefully. The first thing to do is to study the various breeds to find one that has the traits you are looking for.

If you want a cat that is attractive, not too large or too small, and has a wonderful personality and temperament, you need to check out the Burmilla. This cat is beautiful and highly affectionate, and it is very easy-going.

Origin and history of the breed

Like many cat breeds, the Burmilla is one that was accidentally created. The original Burmilla was a cross between a Burmese cat and a Chinchilla Persian.

This is a relatively new breed, with the first litter of kittens being born in 1981 in England. The breeder saw how attractive the kittens were, and developed the Burmilla breed.

Below is a short video about some facts regarding Burmilla Cat:

As previously mentioned, the Burmilla came about quite by accident, and it is a fairly recent breed of cat. The Burmilla was just entered into the Cat Fanciers Association Miscellaneous Class in 1981, and it is recognized by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy in Britain, as well as the Federation Internationale Feline in Europe.

The story of how this cat came to be says that a cleaner left the Burmese female’s cage open one night, and the Chinchilla Persian was able to mate with her. There were four female kittens in the litter, all of which had unique colored coats that sparkled.

Physical standards of the breed

Let’s take a look at some of the physical standards of the Burmilla cat, including known health issues, size, personality traits, and lifespan.

Health and possible diseases

In general, the Burmilla is a healthy breed of cat. But, they are prone to a couple of health issues. The main health problems these cats face are polycystic kidney disease (which can lead to renal failure), and allergies, both environmental and food.

The best way to know if your cat has allergies is to have it tested by your vet. It is also important to keep an eye out for symptoms of kidney disease, and again, have your cat tested regularly by a vet.


The amount of grooming a Burmilla will need depends on whether you have a short- or long-haired Burmilla. Both should be brushed or combed regularly, but if you choose a long-haired cat, be sure to groom it more often to keep loose hair to a minimum, and to distribute skin oils to keep your cat from having dry skin.

It is also important to brush your cat’s teeth regularly. This will help to prevent tooth decay and other oral health problems.

Height and size

This is a medium-sized cat that has a very muscular body. They tend to be long and lean, and appear to be quite tall when standing up. The top of the head is rounded, and it has a blunt muzzle and a firm looking chin.


The Burmilla can weigh anywhere from six to 13 pounds, depending on whether it is male or female. The males tend to be a bit larger. Because they have athletic bodies, they need proper diets and plenty of exercise to ensure they don’t end up becoming overweight.

They are not the most energetic cats in the world, so you will need to make sure they get lots of playtime, which is the best exercise, and loads of fun for both of you.


If you want a cat that isn’t going to be tearing your house apart all the time, the Burmilla is perfect for you. It isn’t overly energetic, yet it does love to play whenever you want to.

Make sure you have plenty of amusing cat toys to keep this cat busy at all times. This is a social breed and should not be left alone for very long periods, as they will get bored and possibly start destroying things.


There really aren’t any pets you can get that are hypoallergenic. Even hairless pets have dander that people can be allergic to.

Burmilla cats are long-haired, so you can expect some people with allergies to be sensitive to them. That being said, there are ways that you can have one of these cats in your home without bothering anyone with allergies.

Make sure you brush your cat at least once weekly, and vacuum regularly to get rid of pet hair and dander in the home.


A Burmilla cat can live up to 15 years of age, and sometimes even longer, depending on the health of the cat and how well it is taken care of.

Remember, an indoor cat is going to have a much longer life expectancy than one that goes outdoors and has to deal with traffic, humans, other animals, pesticides, etc.

Caring Difficulty

Caring for a Burmilla cat is really no different than caring for any other type of cat. They need to have healthy, well-balanced diets, and regular grooming, including brushing at least once each week.

You should get into the habit of brushing your cat’s teeth to prevent tooth decay and other dental issues.

Where to get a Burmilla Cat

Two burmilla cats

If you want a purebred Burmilla cat, your best option is going to be to buy it from a breeder who specializes in these particular cats. Make sure that you choose a reputable breeder.

You can do this by asking a lot of questions, particularly about the health of the animals they sell. If they tell you that this, or any other type of pet does not have any genetic health problems, they are not good breeders, because all animals can have genetic health issues, just as humans can.

You may also find a Burmilla cat at your local animal shelter. Going to the shelter can be hit or miss, but if you are lucky enough to find your cat there, you are not only getting your dream pet, you are adopting and saving a life.

You can also keep an eye out for Burmilla cats for sale in your local classified ads. Sometimes, people have to re-home their pets, and you could end up getting a really great deal on a purebred cat.

How much does a Burmilla Cat cost?

If you are planning on buying a Burmilla cat, you can expect to spend $500 to $700. The price will depend on many factors, including the sex of the cat (females cost more), the age of the cat (kittens are more expensive than adults), and whether or not it is or has been a show cat, particularly if it has been a champion in shows.

Choosing the right type of Burmilla Cat

There is really only one type of Burmilla cat. That being said, they do come in a wide variety of colors, from black to blue to chocolate to lilac to red and many more.

The thing you really want to look for is the personality type. You will know when you’ve found the right Burmilla cat for you.

Responsibilities to consider in the care of a Burmilla Cat

If you are going to own a Burmilla cat, or any other type of pet, know that it is a commitment of at least 10 to 15 years, if not longer.

You need to make sure that your pet is well cared for, which includes a healthy diet, lots of water, plenty of exercise, and proper grooming, particularly for long-haired cats.

Also, the litter box should be scooped at least once daily, and changed at least once each week.

Characteristics of Burmilla Cat

Burmilla Cat breed

Now we are going to take a look at the various characteristics of the Burmilla cat. This is a unique cat, both in personality and appearance.


This is a cat that will experience separation anxiety if left alone for too long. They are generally well-behaved, but do need a lot of attention and play time.


Burmilla cats come in many different colors, including black, blue, brown, and lilac. They also have three patterns: tipped, shaded, and smoke.


Here is a cat that loves attention, and is very social with people. As long as you know your place, he will give you all the affection you desire.


The Burmilla is curious and friendly, and tends to love children who want to play with him. These cats also get along well with dogs and other cats.


Like most cats, the Burmilla is highly intelligent, and it is a very loyal and affectionate breed.


While Burmillas do love to play, they are not overly energetic, and often need to be coaxed to play.


The amount of maintenance for the Burmilla depends on whether you choose a short or long-haired cat. Both need regular grooming, but long-hairs do need more to cut down on loose fur.

Types of Burmilla Cats

As previously mentioned in this article, there is really just one type of Burmilla cat. But, they do come in a variety of colors, in the form of tips over the silver coat, which is quite dense.

This cat also has an undercoat, and beautiful green eyes that are outlined in black (it looks like they have a professional makeup artist working on them daily).

Burmilla Cats compared to other Breeds

Another cat that has a silver point, and is just as friendly and lovable as the Burmilla, is the Chinchilla Persian. This cat has similar colors and markings to the Burmilla, but it has the long, soft fur of the Persian.

Either way, you are going to end up with a gorgeous cat that loves attention and is very intelligent.


If you are looking for a cat that is as beautiful as it is affectionate, the Burmilla is a great choice. These cats make terrific family pets, and they are absolutely gorgeous.

They love to play, and have plenty of energy, but love affection as well, as long as you don’t want to pick them up all the time.