Best Cat Toys – [Best List with Reviews and Comparison]

Black cat plays with pink toy

Every cat owner knows that felines can be finicky. It feels like one day they are amused by even the simplest of objects while other day you can’t get them to move up off the couch.

When it comes to finding the best cat toys for our feline friends, they behave exactly the same. Your kitten may love your newly bought toy one day and ignore it the next, only to pick up interest just a few days later. For a cat owner, this can be frustrating. However toys are a necessary part of your kitten’s activity.

The very best toys for our indoor cats are ones that keep them healthy and amused. For a dog, exercise and entertainment is easy - simply hook on a leash and go for walk. Getting a cat active is a bit trickier, but it is possible and just might save your home while you’re at it.

When choosing a toy for your cat, it’s important to keep in mind that felines have evolved from a predatory ancestry. Although we often keep cats indoors to protect them from nature, with agile muscles, sharp claws and teeth, and keen eyesight, they are natural-born hunters. That's why most or the best cat tower usually have a built-in toys.

It has been said that you can take the cat out of the wild but you can’t take the wild out of the cat. The best kinds of toys are ones that stimulate these instincts, promoting pouncing, stalking, swatting, and batting.

The benefits of cat toys go beyond basic physical activity. They also promote healthy mental stimulation, entertainment, and valuable bonding time between you and your kitty.

Cat toys are available to fit every lifestyle and budget. Whether you want a toy that your cat can enjoy by him or herself or you are looking for an activity to enjoy with your cat during playtime, there are a plethora of products to fit your need.

With so many options available on the market today, it can be difficult for cat owners to find the best cat toy for their feline’s needs and interests. It’s important make several considerations including your budget, your cat’s level of activity, your cat’s interests, and your time commitment, along with any other factors that are important to you.

Comparison Chart

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Best Cat Toys Reviews

1. SmartyKat Hot Pursuit

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Struggling with a lazy cat? SmartyKat’s Host Pursuit is one of the best ways to mesmerize your cat and get him/her moving while giving their parents the best of both worlds: innovation and style at an exceptional value.

Product Highlights

SmartyKat Hot Pursuit is an electronic concealed motion interactive toy. Unpredictable, erratic movements stimulate hidden prey, complete with a teasing tail and moving lights. The replaceable wand moves in full circles, half circles, and changes directions to tease your feline, encouraging healthy activity in even the laziest of kitties.

This eco-friendly want is crafted from recycled plastic and adorned with an irresistible plush toy and ribbons, making it a preferred and durable option over other wands. Moving lights work to intrigue kitties, while speed controls allow you to customize the action for you cat for all day entertainment.

What's to like about the SmartyKat Hot Pursuit

If you are searching for a highly stimulating interactive toy for your cat, look no further than SmartyKat’s Host Pursuit motion toy. This cat toy has everything you need for moderate and highly active cats, including a soft teaser that mimics prey, electronic movement, and stimulating lights and sounds for endless hours of fun. Plus, we love that this product is made with eco-friendly and recyclable materials, revealing SmartyKat’s commitment to the environment.

What's not to like about the SmartyKat Hot Pursuit

Although consumers say that their cats thoroughly enjoyed this toy, some people had issues with the motor. If your cat’s like to play rough and pounce, you may be better off choosing an item that is more durable.


  • check
    Stimulating - with lights and movement
  • check
    Environmental friendly recycled materials
  • check
    Customizable play options


  • Some cat owners experienced issues with the motor
  • Not well-designed for rough play

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2. Hartz Just for Cats

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Foster your cat’s natural hunting instincts with soft, lightweight, colorful hunting mice designed for hours of fun. Pair with catnip for a toy that your cat will go crazy for.

Product Highlights

Your feline’s natural instincts are to thrive and explore the world around them. Playtime should not only foster activity, but should also stimulate your cat’s underlying predatory needs. If you have a cat that love to stalk, hunt, or explore, then Hartz Just for Cats is one of the best options for you.

Simply hide this 12-pack of brightly colored mice around your house for your cat to discover and bring back to you. Catnip fosters added interest that your cat simply won’t be able to resist during playtime. These perfectly sized lightweight mice mimic your cat’s natural prey, in a fun way that your cat will thoroughly enjoy.

Watch for hours as your cat conquers your home, discovering and collecting each and every one of these furry playmates. This toy is guaranteed to keep your cat entertained when they are by themself, but feel free to join them in their brave quest to create an unforgettable bonding experience.

What's to like about the Hartz Just for Cats

Hartz Just for Cats doesn’t come with just one toy. It is fully equipped with none less than 12 mice! Extra catnip means that your cat will be stimulated for hours on end. Cats will love to help themselves to these mice, so be sure to keep them locked in a closed drawer when it’s not playtime.

What's not to like about the Hartz Just for Cats

Consumers report that this cat toy recently underwent some changes. The previously durable product is now lightweight and made of different materials that were destroyed easily. Cat owners complained that the new mice couldn’t be thrown as far and that this cat toy’s existence was short-lived.


  • check
    12-colorful catnip filled mice
  • check
    Extra catnip for extra hours of fun


  • New toy makeover is too lightweight to throw
  • Could contain a higher durability

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3. ADMOZ Interactive Cat Wand

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Pet play doesn’t just encourage activity, it helps your cat vent emotions, stimulate their mind, and get active. If you have an overactive kitty, there is perhaps nothing better than the ADMOZ Interactive Wand for tiring your feline out.

Product Highlights

The ADMOZ Interactive Wand stimulates interest among kittens and cats by fostering your cat’s natural instincts. Have fun with your cat with easily triggered, fast driving, dancing feathers and front-end balls. Three smooth, lightweight, high quality rods give you the durability you need while triggering your cat’s sensitive motor nerve.

Each design is crafted with incredibly soft, all natural, colored feathers that can be removed and changed out to keep your cat entertained and happy. Natural materials mean that your kitten won’t be poisoned following bacteria elimination. Rod extensions reach up to 38.6 inches for added fun with your pet.

What's to like about the ADMOZ Interactive Cat Wand

Interactive teasers, wands, and fishing poles are among cat toy industry staples. We love that this interactive toy is made with high quality materials for added durability, while all-natural sterilized feathers promote safe play. Have cats that get bored easily? Simply change out the feathers with one of eight color combinations and adjustable baton for hours of fun.

What's not to like about the ADMOZ Interactive Cat Wand

This might not be the best product if your cat likes to chew. Consumers reported that the handle is made out foam that can easily be compromised by a determined cat.


  • check
    Eight color combinations
  • check
    All-natural, sterilized feathers
  • check
    Adjustable baton


  • Product is easily destroyed by chewing cats

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4. Petstages Tower of Tracks

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No matter what stage your cat might be in, playtime is essential to your feline’s wellbeing. Petstages Tower of Track keeps your cat entertained, mentally sharp, and engaged through instinctual play.

Product Highlights

Cats that are naturally more curious enjoy toys with interactive components and high levels of stimulation. Petstage’s Tower of Track provides just that for your kitten, through balance, coordination, and attention span, all while swatting and batting at balls that move around the levels of the track.

Completely unique to Petstages is the fact that is has closed tracks to keep your kitten’s paws from getting stuck while he or she plays. Another great feature is the fact that this toy has 3 levels and 3 balls, bright and fast moving for extended interactive play.

Petstage cat toys are the best way to promote curiosity in your cat while fostering the physical and mental exercise they need to stay engaged and healthy. Whether your cat enjoys swatting, batting, chasing, pouncing, and stalking, this interactive toy is sure keeping your cats healthy and happy.

What's to like about the Petstages Tower of Tracks

Whether you have time to set aside for playtime with your cat on a daily basis or need to rush off to work, the Pestages Cat Toy is sure to keep your cat stimulated for hours on end. Plus, this toy is designed no sharp edges and rounded corners for safe swatting even when you’re not around. Bright colors foster healthy swatting, batting, and play no matter your cat’s age.

What's not to like about the Petstages Tower of Tracks

Although this cat toy is highly engaging, cat owners have discovered one flaw in its design. As the ball rolls around the track it creates intriguing shadows within the product. Naturally, your kitten wants to get a better look – multiple cat owners have reported curious cats that have stuck their head into the center and gotten stuck! Some have even had to have the toy surgically removed.


  • check
    3 interactive layers and balls for all-day fun
  • check
    Intrigues and stimulates your cats mind
  • check
    Toy you can enjoy with your cat


  • Does not have enough protection
  • Requires safety bar
  • Advised to use with supervision

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5. GDPet 10 PC Cat Toys

[amazon fields=”B01MR781UG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Every cat has a unique personality, that’s why it’s so important to explore a variety of toys to discover what works best for them. This GDPet 10 PC Cat Toy variety pack has everything you need to explore your cat’s interest. Let’s take a look at what’s inside:

Product Highlights

Never struggle with keeping your feline friend entertained again. This 10 piece play-pack by GDPet has everything you need all-in-one, complete with a cat teaser wand with dangling fish, catnip pillow, 2 mylar crinkle balls, interactive teaser balls, 4 feather mice, and a fluffy mouse in a cage.

GDPet has everything you need to keep cats of every personality entertained, from young energetic kittens, to older calm cats, to hunter and gatherers. There is something for everyone in this cat pack of toys.

Bonding with your kitties is the most important aspect of your relationship. Playing together helps you get to know each other, ease new cat nervousness, and form a special bond that only you two will have.

What's to like about the GDPet 10 PC Cat Toys

The GDPet is one of the best values for the price. Instead of exploring and purchasing different cat toys one at a time, this cat play-pack allows you to find out what toy is your cat’s favorite with ease. Plus, GDPet offers a pet-satisfied guarantee or your money back.

What's not to like about the GDPet 10 PC Cat Toys

This pack has almost everything that you could want out for your kitty’s cat toys. However, customers were disappointed with the fact that these cat toys are of poorer quality.


  • check
    Best value for the price
  • check
    Explore your cat’s interests with ease
  • check
    Pet-satisfied guarantee or your money back


  • Poor Quality

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While it might seem like your cat prefers a cardboard box over your expensive cat toys, don’t be fooled that he or she doesn’t appreciate the real deal. Giving your cat a plethora of cat toys will not help to keep your cat entertained, it will also keep your cat active and give you and you furry friend quality time with each other. While you are playing with your cat, you might notice that you’re feline’s natural instincts come to life through pouncing and stalking. This object playfulness does wonders in stimulating your cat’s predatory behavior.

Cats by nature enjoy a variety of toys, but some of the most common favorites are interactive toys, catnip-filled toys, balls, toy mice, balls, and teasers. However, you don’t want to leave all of your toys out when playtime is over, or your cat may become less interested if he or she has easy access.

So what types of toys should you bring to your play date with your furry friend? Let’s explore your options.

Key Feature 1: Interactive Toys

If you don’t have time for a play date with your cat, interactive puzzles are one of the best ways to keep your cat stimulated when you’re not around. Many toys include components that inspire your car to bat, chase, and uncover hidden items. Considering fun and interaction, some of the best cat house offer playing lounge for your cats to play.

Key Feature 2: Teasers/Fishing Poles

A long-time favorite among kittens and cats, teasers and poles generally come with ribbons, feathers, and other items that are enticing for felines. Cats love an animated target, moving these items playful around will promote your cat’s natural pouncing, chasing, and stalking skills without yourself being the prey.

Key Feature 3: Scratchers

If you have a kitten, then you know that scratching is a natural behavior. Scratching is an important way for felines to remove their claw’s outer layer. Cat scratchers not only promote your kitten’s natural instincts, but they help save your furniture and carpet from kitty wear and tear.

Key Feature 4: Balls and Mice

Kittens and cats love little furry toys that have a resemblance towards other creatures. These toys playful mimic prey and help to stimulate your cat’s predatory instincts. Don’t be surprised if your cat decides to bring you the “kill”. Praise him or her and be sure to encourage more play.

Key Feature 5: Catnip Toys

If there is one thing that cat’s absolutely go crazy for, it’s catnip. Catnip is an essential oil and neurological cat stimulate that stimulates an essential oil. Keep in mind that only 50% of cats have a response to catnip and it can take between 4 and 6 months to develop sensitivity.

Cat Toy F.A.Q.

What kinds of cat toys are dangerous for cats?

It doesn’t take much to entertain a playful cat, but most cat owners want to know what toys are safe and what types of toys they should look out for. Here’s what you should avoid:

  • Toys that are too small and can be swallowed
  • Toys that can be easily dismembered
  • Interactive puzzles with sharp edges
  • Yarn and string that can be ingested

How much stimulation do cats need?

Indoor cats don’t just need a healthy level of activity they also need mental stimulation. And there’s nothing better than having a play date during playtime. Set aside time once or twice each day to spend some quality time with your cat. If you can’t make it, set aside an interactive toy for your cat to entertain themselves while you’re gone. Just make sure that the toy is safe for unsupervised use.

How do I encourage a lazy cat?

All cats have different ideas about what’s interesting to them. However, getting them interested starts with you! Try playing with your cat while introducing different toys slowly. If you’re still struggling, try introducing puzzles at meal and treat time to encourage activity.


The biggest deciding factor for your cat toy purchase is going to be finding a toy that they enjoy. Yes, this might mean investing in a few different items to see what gains your cat’s interest. However, it’s not just about what your cat enjoys today. Just like with humans, too much of the same thing can make your cat bored and uninterested again.

For this reason it’s a good idea to keep a few different toys on hand, remembering not to leave them out all the time. Designate certain toys for playtime together, playtime while you’re away and all-day playtime to keep your cat engaged. Toys are also great and considered to be the best cat gifts available.

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If you’re just getting started your cat toy collection for your cat, we recommend purchasing GDPet 10 PC Cat Toys. This play pack comes with 10 different toys for days on end of fun with your kitty. This play pack isn’t just a one size fits all solution. It has a variety of activities to stimulate a range of pet personalities and predatory instincts.

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If you are all set with the basics, we recommend SmartyKat Hot Pursuit as the perfect new toy to add to your collection. This interactive toy has a variety of features to stimulate your kitty, including motion that mimics prey and tantalizing lights to keep your kitty entertained for hours on end.