Best Cat Diapers of 2019: Complete Reviews with Comparison

If you have a cat or cats in your home, no doubt you love them dearly. Where that love could be tested is if they are unable to control their bladder and frequently pee on your carpet, flooring or furniture.

We can't give you veterinary advice here to resolve the peeing if there's a medical issue, but what we can do is give you a solution to protect your home. Our reviews will highlight the best cat diapers and give you tips on how to choose the right diaper for your cat.

Comparison Chart

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Best Cat Diaper Reviews

1. Barkerwear Washable Cat Diapers

As well as preventing your cat piddling on your carpets, the cheetah pattern will also ensure that they are the most fashionable cat in the neighborhood.

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Whether your cat piddling is due to them being a female in heat, a spaying male, or simply because they have become incontinent, these diapers should provide your floors with some respite.

Putting them on your cat is very easy, especially with the adjustable tabs allowing you to make it fit comfortably. There are a range of size options when you purchase, so whether your cat is small or large there'll be one to suit them.

The standard diaper allows your cat's tail to fit through a gap at the back, however, you can request a 'no-tail' version if your cat is a tailless breed.

These diapers employ three layers to help keep them waterproof, and comfortable. The inner layer is extra soft for comfort, the outer layer is a polycotton material, and sewn between them is a moisture barrier which is waterproof.

Finally, we have the styling of these diapers which is as distinctive as you are ever likely to see. They have a cheetah pattern on them, which certainly catches the eye.


  • check
    Wide range of sizes available
  • check
    Adjustable tabs
  • check
    Eye-catching cheetah pattern
  • check
    Waterproof center layer


  • Determined cats can get out of them
  • Priced higher than other diapers

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2. SunGrow Super Absorbent Pet Diapers

These disposable pet diapers are suitable for both dogs and cats, and as well as preventing liquids from escaping, they can also help retain odors too.

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You want your cat's diapers to be leak proof, and these are certainly that. It achieves this using a special resin material which absorbs the liquid and turns into a jelly.

This resin also kills bacteria, which are the source of unpleasant smells, so that helps keep your cat odor free.  The rest of the diaper's materials includes ruffled edges which keep them leak proof.

The diapers are breathable which helps keep your cat comfortable, and the adhesive fasteners are reusable. You can unseal, adjust and reseal them so that they fit perfectly, and not tugging at your cat's fur. A hole for your cat's tail has been cut, so it helps with the comfortable wearing of these diapers for them.

These will fit cats who weigh from 13 lbs. up to 38 lbs. and is suitable for girth sizes of between 17 and 25 inches.


  • check
    Resealable tabs
  • check
    Environment friendly
  • check
    Helps to kill odors
  • check
    Leak proof edges


  • Only color is pink which doesn't suit males
  • Tabs occasionally break off

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3. Pet Magasin Luxury Pet Diapers

These pet diapers come as a set of 3, which can be washed, and as each one is a different color, you can color coordinate your cat each day.

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Let's start with these three colors, which are blue, green and purple. Depending on how often you need to change your cat's diaper, you can either have them wear different colors through the day or a different one each day. It might be prudent to buy more than one set, so you have multiple diapers of each color. There are four size options too, which are small, medium, large, and extra-large.

The inner is very soft, so it feels comfortable against your cat's skin, and this layer is also absorbent, so any accidents are quickly retained by the diaper. The elasticated edges help to keep the diapers leak proof and enable them to fit snuggly.

There are Velcro tabs which let you fasten the diapers securely, but also allows you to adjust them so that they are not closed too tightly around your cat's girth.


  • check
    Three-color pack
  • check
    Very absorbent lining
  • check
    Machine washable
  • check
    Elasticated edges for a snug fit


  • Not a lot of padding
  • Velcro pads are too big

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4. SunGrow Leak Proof Pet Diapers

These can be worn by dogs and cats, to address issues such as incontinence and accidental peeing. They are disposable, and more suited to medium to larger cats.

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Each pack comes with 16 disposable diapers, and they are sized to fit cats with waist sizes of between 12 inches and 20 inches. They have a hole for your cat’s tail so that when the diaper is on, it feels as natural to them as possible.

Should your cat pee, the proactive layer which deals with moisture will soak it up and turn into a gel. This reduces the amount of liquid the diaper must retain and thus reduces the chance of any of it leaking. It also reduces any discomfort your cat might have felt if their urine was allowed to rub against their fur and skin.

The other benefit this layer brings is that it is anti-bacterial. This means it will kill any bacteria within the diaper and as result reduce the odors which they can generate.

To close the diapers and keep them in place, there are tabs which use a sticky tape to seal them. However, if you need to, you can release the tabs, adjust them, and then re-stick them.


  • check
    Adjustable and resealable tabs
  • check
    Super absorbent core
  • check
    Reduces bacterial odors
  • check
    Leak-proof edges


  • No color options
  • Sizing is smaller than indicated

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While cat diapers are relatively simple products, there are a few features which you need be aware of when buying one for your cat. These features may differ between the various brands so knowing what they are will help you choose wisely.

Key Feature 1: Washable or Disposable

This is the one feature that probably has more impact on you than your cat. If you don't mind machine washing pee-stained diapers then go for them, as they will prove to be more cost-effective, than disposable which must be repeatedly purchased.

Key Feature 2: Tail Hole

Most diapers will either have a tail hole or designed in such a way that the cat's tail area is open. If you have a tailless breed, some products have a no tail hole option.

Key Feature 3: Closures

Most diapers have one of two ways in which they are closed. These are Velcro fasteners and sticky tape fasteners. Velcro ones tend to be a bit stronger and less prone to ripping off. Sticky tapes tend to be lighter, and less likely to get fur caught in them.

If you select diapers that use sticky tape, ensure that it is resealable. This allows you to peel it back and adjust the diaper, before resealing it. Whichever closure you use, when sealing them do not pull them so tight that it causes your cat any discomfort or restricts their movement.

Key Feature 4: Waterproofing

Obviously this is the most important element of the diaper, and how waterproofing is achieved, varies from diaper to diaper. Disposable diapers tend to use a special resin which reacts and turns to a jelly material. This means all the liquid is effectively turned into a semi-solid, so it reduces leaks and discomfort for your cat.

In machine-washable cat diapers, an absorbent layer is sewn between the outer layer and the inner layer. This will absorb liquid and retain it, until the diaper is removed from the cat so that it can be washed.

Key Feature 5: Comfort

No doubt you want your cat to be as comfortable as possible when wearing their diapers, and this can be achieved in several ways. First, ensure you purchase the right size for your cat, and if anything, err on the side of one size up rather than one down.

When you are sealing the diapers make sure you do not pull it too tight, and that none of your cat's fur is stuck to the fasteners. If you do, it can lead to your cat trying to remove the diapers which defeats the whole point of the exercise.


All four of the cat diapers we have reviewed will help keep floors, carpets and even furniture free from your cat's urine should they have an issue with peeing involuntarily. It was hard to choose a winner, but we feel that the Pet Magasin Luxury Pet Diapers just has the edge over the others.

The fact they are machine washable makes them excellent value for money. Coming in three different colors is fun, but also practical, as you can select a different color for each day, especially if you buy multiple packs.

They are comfortable for your cat, thanks to the soft inner layer, and the waterproof layer does a great job of absorbing all the moisture. The elasticated sides make them leak proof and ensure that they fit snuggly around your cat's waist.