37 Amazingly Beautiful Cats To See

One of the great things about cat is that regardless of their gender, they are distinctively beautiful compared to other types of pet. In fact, beautiful cats isn't just specific to one breed.

Fairly all breeds of cat have their own characteristics that makes them stand out among the rest.

Cats are greatly adored since the ancient times and have always been treated with great admiration and respect.

Here are some of the beautiful cats where some are brought about by their unique characteristics and traits.

1. Odd-Eyed Cat

This beautiful cat is brought to you by Iizcat.com. There is something remarkable and mesmerizing watching having those pretty and beautiful, odd eyes watch you.

2. The Korat Cat

Korat cats usually have gray colored fur. There are some cases of brown and black korat cats but they are extremely rare. The korat cat is a sexy, short-haired cat that's really beautiful and gentle to look at. Credits to CatPictPedia.

3. Blue Eyed British Longhair - Kiki

Meet this beautiful cat, Queen Kiki! That's right. It's from one famous persona in Drake's song, "In My Feelings". This would make it the Kiki Cat Challenge 🙂 Cute name for a beautiful blue eyed cat from Britivana at YummyPets.com.

4. Black and White Norwegian 

Norwegian cats by very nature are strong and beautiful types of cat. The cat's posture along with the hair will really take your breathe away, adding to that would be the rare black and white color. Credits to Mom.me.

5. Champy Wampy

This is Champ. Just one of the few beautiful cats entry in the photo contest event of Modern Cat.

6. Adorable Two-Faced Persian Kitten

It's not actually two-faced but rather looks like it. Coincidentally, half of the hair covering its face is black and half is light brown, creating a two-faced appearance. Regardless, it's one of the beautiful coincidence of nature. Image from Mentalfloss.com.

7. The Abandoned Cat

This cat was abandoned and found alone in the grasses long ago when it was still a kitten. Who would have thought that it would turned out so beautiful as it grew. Catch the full details on Love Meow.

8. Billy

Who said being a male cat wouldn't make you sexy and beautiful? Meet billy from Sparrows Nightmare

9. Princess Aurora

One of the most beautiful princesses I've ever seen. Meet Princess Aurora - Instagram@aurorapurr - AuroraPurr.

10. Fashionista Cat

Who says cats can't pull it off? Amazing outfit of the day. Check out Pitzush & Shaya at Instagram@pussinglam - Pussinglam.

11. Meet Smoothie

She may look calm and smooth as the name goes accordingly but this queen is the legend. She's beautiful, charming and elegant. Check her out at Instagram@smoothiethecat - Smoothie The Cat.

12. Cute and Adorable Snoopy

This is Snoopy. You might think that it's just a newly groomed Persian cat but basically, it's a shorthaired version of persian cats, exotic-shorthair. You can find this cute and adorable cat at Instagram@snoopybabe - Snoopy Babe.

13. The French Cat - Crenn

Crenn grew and lives in France. She's a celebrity cat on Instagram and has so many pleased and amazed followers. Who wouldn't? She's a queen. Gentle, smart and beautiful. Check her out at Instagram@soazigcrenn - Crenn.

14. The Two-Faced Cat - Venus

Nature never fails to amaze us with it's coincidental occurrences. Venus is just one of the few cats with rare color patterns and combination. Check out more of Venus at Instagram@venustwofacecat - Venus - Two Face Cat.

15. Coby The Cat

Coby is a cat superstar. Beautiful, tantalizing, popular and just so adorable. And Coby's just a perfect name for a cat. Check Coby out at Instagram@cobythecat - Coby The Cat.

16. White Pearl Persian Cat

This white and pearly Persian cat is just one of the few cats owned by PearlyPersians.com. They are perfectly bred, maintaining a long line of genuine, beautiful and strong blooded Persian Cats. Check some more of their cats at Instagram@pearlypersians - Pearly Persians.

17. Hosico

This is Hosico. A popular yet shy type cat who loves to eat, sleep and play. He's a male cat about 4 years old but who said boys can't be beautiful eh? Check Hosico out at Instagram@hosico_cat - Hosico Cat

18. Thor - The Bengal Cat

Like with the God of Thunder, this cat will struck lightning and would stun you with its beauty. Thor is a celebrity cat on Instagram with thousands of followers adoring. See more of Thor The Bengal at Instagram@bengalthor.

19. Horned Cat

This cat might be mistaken for another animal or even a Pokemon. LOL. It has unique horn-like fur growing on its ears. It somehow creates a majestic imagery of a cat. Image from Imgur.com by user - InboxMeYourKittyCats.

20. Caracal Cat

Some of the beautiful cats can be seen in the wild. This is the Caracal Cat. It is distinctively known with its long, pointy, black ears. There are some Caracal cats that have been domesticated and breed.

21. Nala

This is Nala cat. She's mesmerizing with those pretty blue ocean eyes. She's a lovely cat that's been quite known to be popular, with so many fans and followers. See more of her at Instagram@nala_cat - Nala_Cat.

22. Luna

Look at how beautiful and adorable those eyes are? Reminds me of Puss in Boots if you have watched the movie animation. Anyways, this cat is called Luna. She's a Scottish-fold mix about 2 to 3 years old. Check out more about her at Instagram@hello_luna_rose - Luna Rose.

23. BenBen

This cat may not be the prettiest cat you've seen but it's more likely to be the humblest looking cat, making him a beautiful one. Just look at how humble and calm those eyes and face. His name is Benben. Check him out at Instagram@benbencatcat - Benben Cat.

24. Pudge

Here's another two-faced, rare, beautiful and cuddly cat. This is Pudge. Just look at that pudgy face that we all want to squeeze and cuddle with. It is one of the oldest popular cat today, around 7 years of age. Check and follow Pudge at Instagram@pudgethecat - Pudge.

25. Oscar

Meet Oskar. He may not be physically beautiful or handsome but he is certainly charming on the inside. Oskar is blind. However, it doesn't seem to stop him from living the best days of his life. Check and support Oskar! You'd find him at Instagram@oskar_the_blind_cat - Oskar the Blind Cat.

26. Alice & Finnegan

Meet the dynamic duo, Alice and Finnegan. They are Siberian Lynx Point Cat and they live alongside their dog best friend, Oliver. They have perfect fur, blue ocean eyes and breath taking glare. You can see more of Alice and Finnegan on Instagram@pitterpatterfurryfeet - Alice and Finnegan.

27. Zac and Harvey

Who said two male cats can live terribly with another? Meet Zac and Harvey. They are cute, smart and beautiful and happily enjoys the company of each other. They have many fans and followers. Check them out at Instagram@zacandharvey - Zac and Harvey.

28. Cliff

This is how beautiful Siberian Cats are. This cat is called Cliff. It is a male cat with blue eyes with wide black pupils. The white fur color boasts the details of his eyes, making him very attractive to look at. You can find Cliff on Instagram@call.me.cliff - Call Me Cliff.

29. Frida and Oskar

There's something about these cats that makes it relaxing to look at. The feeling of being at ease seems brings about how loving cats could be with their other half or partner. Find out more about Frida and Oskar through their Instagram account @frida_and_oskar or Frida and Oskar.

30. Fuji and Elton

There's really something to watch when it comes to main coons. Those long, elegant and sharp-looking fur really catches an eye. This main coon pair is Fuji and Elton.

31. Chacha

Awhhhh! Can you tolerate this face? Can you even get mad at her? I guess not. This is baby Chacha. She is an Exotic Shorthair cat from HK. You can check her out on Instagram here - Instagram@chacha_meow.

32. Harry and Izzy

This pair of bengal cats is called Harry and Izzy. They look much cuter on this photo as this was taken way back when  they were young. Today, they have grown into a strong and beautiful cats. Check them out at Harry and Izzy - @harryandizzybengals.

33. Grace

Just like her name, she is full of grace. Maine coon never fails to impress. Those sharp, yellow and elegant eyes along with those long and nice hair really brings a wonderful scenery to look at. Find out more about grace here!

34. Ferit

Wait, let me take a selfie.. LOL! Ferit seems rather shocked of how marvelous he looks. He is a Scottish Fold cat, about a year old and remarkably smart and handsome. Learn more about Ferit by following him here!

35. Spot

This is spot. It is actually a really great name for a black cat. As his name goes with his beauty, you can easily SPOT him! You can also spot him here!

36. Scooter

Did you ever saw a cat much blacker than this? He is scooter! He's a beautiful black cat with just a hint of white fur on its chest. The yellow eyes and dark pupils really creates a great eye-to-fur color combination. Find out more of Scooter on his Instagram account - @scootertheblackcat.

37. Sophie

Lastly, meet the lovely black cat, Sophie! She is an aspiring and dedicated meowdel if you know what I mean 🙂 You can check out Sophie's website here! Facebook Page here and Instagram account here!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whether the cat have colors, traits, characteristics or breed that differs from what you want, doesn't mean they aren't beautiful. What happens to be unsatisfactory to you may be remarkably outstanding for the other. It's all a matter of perspective.

In addition, cats are naturally smart and beautiful. They have been adored for so many years that dates back in the ancient early years where cats have been looked upon as Gods and Goddesses.