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chloe larson

Chloe is a lover of all things cute and furry, with three cats and two dogs taking up most of her free time. When she does have time to blog, she likes to write about anything and everything to do with pets and pet care. 

This site was built to help cat lovers,

owners, parents, grandparents, teachers, caregivers, children, wildlife personnel (and others!) to read and explore some of the awesome things about cats.  

There are reviews available, helpful articles, and everything you need to learn some knowledge about things relative to cats and make an informed purchase for just the right things for your cats.  

Have a good time browsing and feel free to follow on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Our aim is to be a one stop resource for anything cat related – if you don’t see something you think should be included, please feel free to send an email to chloe @ kittywise.com and let us know your thoughts.  

Your input is welcomed and appreciated – this site is for you!

Our warmest regards,

Chloe :)Owner, KittyWise.com

Sari Green, Contributor, KittyWise.com


Sari Green is a writer and a cat lover from St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada. 

With her writing skills and knowledge about pets and pet care, it only makes sense that she is a writer for this site.

Also a full-time newspaper journalist, Sari has a passion for writing. In fact, she says that without writing,

she probably never would have graduated from high school, due to the fact that she gets test anxiety but made A’s on most essays and book reports. 

Between her career in journalism and writing for various websites, she brings nearly 13 years of experience to the table. With a lifetime of pet ownership under her belt, Sari has also spent plenty of time volunteering with various animal organizations, including the local SPCA and Ca-r-ma, a program that spays and neuters feral cats.

In fact, her youngest cat is actually a Ca-r-ma kitty. Her litter was found at an RV park in December, 2017, just a few days before severe storms hit the area. “Hoggle” was adopted by Sari on New Year’s Eve, and then the real work began.

In just eight months, “Hoggle” has gone from a terrified feral kitten that hissed at any human who came near to a super-friendly house pet that wants to be loved by everyone who comes through the door.

When not writing, Sari is also a photographer, with a passion for nature and animal photography. She loves to joke about how she has an entire portfolio of nothing but cat photographs, in addition to her regular professional portfolio.

She also says she is pretty sure that people get a bit tired of looking at photos of her cats, but she calls this payback for all of the baby photos she has had to look at over the years.